Welcome to Elswick Harriers!

A multi-discipline team club, proud of our running heritage. Committed, determined, passionate. Established in 1889.

Welcome to Elswick Harriers!                        - A multi-discipline team club, proud of our running heritage. Committed, determined, passionate. Established in 1889.

T&F Match 2 Report – Wentworth Stadium, Hexham

T&F Match 2 Report – Wentworth Stadium, Hexham

First off, apologies for the late submission of the T&F report, however there were a few issues with some of the results, but these have now been largely cleared up.

It was a windy but sunny day that saw us take to the Track and Field at the Wentworth track in Hexham. This was somewhat an improvement over the last minute cancellation of Match 1, due to torrential rain, which left everyone feeling disappointed.

Our team is a combined effort with Blaydon Harriers & AC in the Northern 4E league where we compete with Chester-le-Street, Heaton, Tyndale Harriers, Jarrow and Hebburn & Tyne Bridge Harriers. We can field 2 athletes in each event, scoring with an A & B string.

4x100m relay runners Ben and Catherine

4x100m relay runners Ben and Catherine

There were a few début appearances at both the Track and Field events, in testing windy conditions. Continue reading

A Fine win at Weetslade Relays

A dank drizzly evening at the Weetslade Country Park failed to dampen the spirits as the club gained a great win at the 6th running of this very well organised event by Claremont Road Runners.
A record entry of 97 teams faced the starter in this unique race in which each team must include a Veteran, and a lady.

Elswick had an amazing turn out of 8 teams and provided the winning team with ADAM HANDS having a storming run on Leg 1 to bring the club home in a very respectable 6th spot in 13:51, before handing on to our supercharged veteran lady – JUSTINA HESLOP who ate up the course to come back in first place in the fastest female time of the night – 13:41. The glory leg was entrusted to PAUL TURNER who had an outstanding run to claim victory in a time of 13:37. Morpeth Harriers finishing in second spot. This was a very good performance due to two of our first team squad being forced to pull out at the last minute. Our second team also got into the Top Ten with JASON OLD – 14:19, GINA HOWORTH – 16:03, and new recruit JAMES HADFIELD – 14:57 having a promising run.
The team of MARTIN CONNELLY – 14:52, SARAH DAVIES – 16:55, and JOHNNY LOWES – 15:59 ran strongly to finish 25th, closely followed in by MARK CROWE – 15:17, SUSANNE STEPHENSON – 17:30, and PAUL JONES-15:02 in 27th place.
Good to see Susanne returning to competition, and Martin turning back the years with a strong run.
The next combination home for Elswick was BEN HALL – 16:01, CATH LEE -17:39, and RYAN DAVISON – 17:00. They were in 42nd position with BRENDAN CASEY – 16:31, SARA BLIGHT – 17:46, and our life member HARRY MATTHEWS bringing the side home in 17:22. Our two other teams were 56th and 72nd respectively, with STEVE CURRY – 18:49, MARY LISLE – 18:10, and DAVE JARDIN recording a very respectable – 15:56. VAL WILSON on Leg 1 – 17:59, MARK CARPENTER – 16:35, and MEL REED – 20:31. Good to see Mark and Val racing again.
Overall a good night for the club, and important that we keep at the sharp end of competition to enhance the profile of Elswick Harriers.

Jersey Half Marathon – Tina McIver

When I ran my first HM in my late 40s (NOT in the late 40s!) my ambition was to still be running half marathons when I hit 60… And I’d always fancied going “abroad” for a race.
So when my daughter decided to relocate to Jersey I took advantage and quickly booked flights and entered Jersey hm many months before she actually moved out.
Five months later I find myself up at 6.00am to get the courtesy bus from St Helier to St Ouen for the start of the race. First impressions were cripes there are not many runners, I hope I don’t get lost!! And very few club vests, Elswick, Clapham Pioneers, Sunderland and Skegness appeared to be the only ones. I sensed I stood out, the Elswick hoody, the Elswick vest, very few “mature” runners…no pressure Tina, you might hit lucky and come in 2nd last I thought!
The start was very laid back, you could turn up and enter on the day, everyone having a bit of banter, heard a Geordie accent to discover he was from South Shields and shared our tales of highs and lows of running, whilst at the same time checking out the competition. I knew from previous years results that potentially not many F60s!
It was pretty chilly, we were glad when we were eventually told the police were closing the road for the start and we were off…surprisingly I had none of my usual “panic” mode, I settled into a steady pace and I felt I cruised along soaking in the scenery and enjoying listening to banter. And for once I certainly wasn’t wasting energy running and chatting!! Continue reading

Mary’s Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire 14 June 2015


It all started in September 2014 with Yvette Devlin saying ‘do you wana be an Ironman’ so I thought ‘aye go on then’!

This was something I have never done before, never completed a Triathlon and never swam open water so I decided to raise money for Macmillan for Yvette for such a massive journey that stood ahead of me until 14 June 2015. The distance to be covered is a 1.2mile open water swim, 56mile bike ride and a 13.1mile run to cover 70.3 miles in the allocated Ironman cut off times for each discipline.

So in October 2014 I thought I best get the old swimsuit back on and start swimming again. For those of you that don’t know me, I used to compete as a junior for Newburn swimming club from a young age up until about age 15 at West Denton Pool. So 20 years on I walk into the pool one Sunday morning to find its now called Outer West Pool and I’m all emotional as I walk into the leisure centre and see the training tank where I used to train 5 times a week and the ‘big’ pool where I used to compete – eeeeh the memories. Pulled myself together and off I went, the old girl still got it! However, my competition days were either a 50m or 100m swim – the task that lies ahead was 1.2miles – that’s a long way I thought! Continue reading

Dolomiti Extreme Trail Race Report

To those who know us it would come as no surprise that last November Seamus asked if we could go to Italy, on our Wedding Anniversary….so he could run a 53k trail race in The Dolomites. What was a surprise was that he encouraged me to enter the 20k supporter’s race, an easier, though still challenging, route.

Despite training since Christmas, it was a hard race to prepare for as neither of us really knew what we were in for and quite how to best train for it. 3 weeks before the event we were notified that my route had been changed completely and I would now be running the last 20k of Seamus’s Ultra. A glance at the elevation gave the impression it was slightly easier, though had I thought about it more carefully I would have realised I had just been handed 20k of the hardest race in Italy.

There are no words for how it felt driving into the mountains last Friday. Your stomach drops away as you see the sheer height and scale of the Dolomites. I couldn’t speak for a good 2 hours when we arrived – an early anniversary present for Mr. Kelleher! We headed up to the Expo to collect our numbers which were only handed over after we had signed disclaimers that stated we wouldn’t hold the organisers responsible should we lose our lives, and medical certificates signed by our GP to say we were medically fit to run. Seamus also got fitted for his prize, should he finish, a pair of Haglofs trail running shoes!

The start line for the Ultra was set up on the veranda of our hotel, and you would be forgiven for thinking even Seamus couldn’t be late for that start… but you would be wrong. At 5:30 the next morning, with music blasting and a helicopter circling above they were off. Starting at 850m above sea level and climbing to more than 2400 m over rocky cliff faces, snow and glaciers.

I was left on my own, and absolutely terrified, not helped any when they announced over the tannoy ‘representing England, Holly Kelleher’! Really?! No pressure there then. Our buses came to take us to our start which was in the middle of nowhere at 1650m altitude. At this point I realised I was surrounded by some pretty serious looking athletes, and this wasn’t entertainment for the supporters of the Ultra runners, this was a race for crazy people, who weren’t quite crazy enough to do 53k! Continue reading



A sunny early evening, entwined with a fresh westerly breeze and a “full house” of local athletes took on the club’s popular Newburn River Run. Runners lined up along the start line at Blaney Row and at 7.30pm, the race was off and running. In the first half mile there was a breakaway group of Dan Jenkins, Ian Harding, Kurt Heron and Ian Kelly (photo below shows the lead group).



The front of the mass start along Blaney Row……Just another 6 miles to go…….

A  loose pack followed and behind those runners, the mass group of competitors (photo above). Spring forward to the closing mile and Dan had opened a lead of around 10 seconds on Ian and extended his lead by several more seconds to the finish line, to take the win in 34.08 for the 6.5 mile course. Congratulations to Dan Jenkins. Angela McGuirk from Jarrow & Hebburn A&C took the honours for winning the women’s race in a time of 42.47. Congratulations to Angela for a fine run. The first male vet home was Elswick’s Lee Bennett who 5th overall in a time of 36.22. Well ran Lee! The first female vet home was Anna McLean representing Low Fell RC with a finishing time of 45.44. Congratulations to Anna. Morpeth A&C took the men’s team prize. The women’s team prize went to North Shields Poly who just pipped Low Fell RC to the first prize. Congratulations to all three athletes. Congratulations to all age group prize winners and to every athlete who competed. Thank you to all the Elswick volunteers, leisure centre staff and officials who helped make the race happen…..the club can’t do it without you! Finally, a thank you to several athletes and emergency service personnel who promptly attended to a competing athlete who had fallen ill during the run. Your assistance was very much appreciated by the club and the individual concerned. Another the link for the race results is here > RIVER RUN RESULTS 2015   We look forward to seeing you all again in 2016  :)  

Handing over the awards, the club’s Chairman, Mr. Tom Hanson. 




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