Welcome to Elswick Harriers!

A multi-discipline team club, proud of our running heritage. Committed, determined, passionate. Established in 1889.

Welcome to Elswick Harriers!                        - A multi-discipline team club, proud of our running heritage. Committed, determined, passionate. Established in 1889.

Senior Track and Field Info

All, just a reminder for some, or for those of you that don’t know; we have a composite Track and Field team with Blaydon Harriers and compete in the local league. All the races are local and there is four matches over the summer period.

The first match is on Sunday 3rd May 2015 at Monkton Stadium.

The team is managed by Liane Brown (Blaydon Harriers) and hasn’t seen much Elswick involvement from recent years (with a few notable exceptions from our Juniors particularly Becka Carpenter). So it would be great to get some more of us involved. Both Richie Roberts and I ran 1500m last year, and it was great fun. As with a lot of harrier events, there is quite diverse range of abilities in our league. Don’t be afraid to give it a go.

Most T&F events are catered for.

Sprints, middle distance (up to 3000m for women/5000m for men), hurdles (and steeple chase for the lads)

Throws (discus, javelin, shot put, hammer) & jumps (long jump, high jump & triple jump)

We’re short of mainly middle distance runners (for the ladies 800m, 1500m & 3000m / for the lads 800m, 1500m & 3000m SC), so that should suit most at the club, and please see me if you want to do the field events. We can field up to two athletes in each event and you can compete in more than one event if you feel up to it. Blaydon do have a lot of the events covered for the first match, but if you have a burning desire to give something new a try, if we can’t accommodate you in the first match, I’m sure there would be plenty of opportunity try try it at least once over the summer.

All that is required is to get your names and UK Athletics numbers to register you for the season. Ideally if we could have those by Friday 24th April 2015. Easiest way is through our Facebook page or Twitter account or feel free to call/drop me a text 07771647964. Also if we haven’t registered you by the first match, you can be registered at a later date.

The cost is covered jointly by the clubs, so there’s no direct cost to you for competing. All the events are Powerof10/Run Britain registered so count towards your handicap/Po10 profile (so a great way to improve your stats! :-)

Also, it’s worth noting that there’s also the NE Counties 10,000m track championship next week (29th April) at Monkton. Again counts towards your handicap etc, cost just £5. Entries close Monday 27th April.

Seniors Track and Field 2015 dates
Wed 29th April – Monkton 10,000m Champs Monkton
Sun 03rd May – NofE T&F match 1 Monkton
Sun 06th June – NofE T&F match 2 venue tbc
Sun 12th July – NofE T&F match 3 venue tbc
Sun 08th Aug – NofE T&F match 4 Tynedale

John Lowes.

Druridge Bay Half Marathon

On Sunday 19th April Helen Young and Holly Kelleher ran the Druridge Bay Half Marathon (and what a day they had!). Below is Helen’s report of the race. Enjoy the read!
After last year’s Great North Run I vowed never to do that half marathon again. Those of you that know me well will have heard my feelings on the GNR many times. Never again. So I’d been on the lookout for alternatives ever since.
After chatting to a few other Harriers I found the Druridge Bay Half Marathon. I’d never been to Druridge Bay before but the idea of a fast, flat trail course appealed to me. Not even the prospect of doing 2 laps of the same course put me off. The race was organised and run by The North East Marathon Club and they did a smashing job. For anyone that’s worried about the ‘smaller’ races the entry system was easy and the race administrators kept you up to date with all race info by email.

I entered the race months ago but unfortunately I’d been injured for a lot of the build up to the race and I couldn’t put the kind of effort into my training that I’d have liked to. I’m normally nervous on race days anyway but the lack of preparation made it even worse. I’m very lucky to have made friends with some lovely people at Elswick Harriers and they gave me all the encouragement I needed to go there and try my best.
I was also lucky to have had fellow Elswick Harrier Holly Kelleher to keep me company. Holly was able to get a number for the race at the last minute and I was delighted to have someone to run with. Holly has been struggling with injury too and she was a sight for sore eyes when I saw her arrive at the visitor route centre that morning.

helen and holly 2

Holly & Helen at the Druridge Bay Half marathon :)

We didn’t really know where the start of the race was despite the organisers providing a map of the route. Before figuring that out we had to have a warm up jog to catch Seamus in time so he could take a “before” photo of us both.
Thankfully we were escorted to the start line (I expected the marshal to ask us to hold hands in couples so we didn’t lose anyone) and we had a quick briefing before we were ready to go. Before I knew it we were off!
At this point I need to give a huge shout out to Holly for managing to keep me going. Despite her own injury struggles she had a finishing time in mind and was pacing herself with her Garmin watch. Holly managed to drag me along and if she hadn’t I feel like I’d have fallen behind pretty quickly because I did not feel up to match fitness.
Ever since I joined the Harriers I’ve realised that it’s much more than a club; it’s more like a family.   Continue reading

A Thank You letter…….

The letter below is from the Newcastle Children’s Hospital Charity.

Dear Harry,
On behalf of Newcastle Children’s Hospital Charity thank you very much for your club’s very kind and generous donation of £2,000. The support of Elswick Harriers for our charity over the period of your 125th anniversary year is greatly appreciated. Please convey our charity’s grateful thanks to all of your club members for all their hard work in raising the money.
Thank you very much for inviting us to your annual prize giving event, it was a very enjoyable evening.
Kind regards,
Bernard Field.
(Charity Secretary).

On behalf of the 125 anniversary committee and the club’s committee, a sincere thank you for all your charity endeavours throughout 2014.



Blyth Transped 10km: Sunday 12th April 2015

Report by Ben Hall, senior men’s club champion:



Well folks the Club Championships are under way; our first qualifying race of the year saw a good number of Team Elswick congregating next to the portaloos yards away from the start. After a little warm up (I mean sitting in the car) its over to the start… exactly one year on to the day of my first race in Elswick colours… the gun goes and a bit of hustling and bustling I’m into my stride… New boy Bradley Clough, back on home turf but this time in a fetching Elswick vest leading our lads and lasses out, closely followed by Paul Tuner, looking fresh following a top ten finish at the North Tyneside 10K the previous week, great to see you back running!

Next up Jason Olds flying as normal and quadruplet of Stephen ‘Ironman’ Knight, Steve ‘making the most of a day off’ Robertson, Alan ‘Rambo’ Thomson and Paul ‘Mr’ Jones… More team packing saw Judith ‘our first lady’ Nutt, Martin ‘back from injury’ Connelly and Chris ‘couch to 10k no problem’ Pearce. Then we have Richard ‘Ironman in waiting’ Carr, Jonny from the block’ Lowes, Gina ‘Vice Captain’ Ant ‘Loves Cake’ Beynon, Richard ‘going way to quick for me to catch’ Davies, Ben ‘freezing my nads off’ Hall. Brenden ‘this is not a 5K!’ Casey. Closely followed by Dave ‘the one and only’ Jardin, Harry ‘The Legend’ Matthews, Connor ‘Loads of Potential’ Howard, Sarah ‘Castle’s Tri Vice Chairman(Chairwoman?!)’ Davies. Two Robs… Rob ‘Always Smiling’ Emerson and Rob ‘photo man’ Wilson closely followed by the inseparable pairing and ever improving of Daniel Nettle and Catherine Lee, people will talk! Shaun Connelly and Lee Coulson were next up great to see you both back racing… Emma ‘pay on the day’ Turnbull and Mary ‘I cycled here’ Lisle followed by Stevie ‘I’m going to catch that girl’ Curry. Next up Emma ‘Speedy and another PB’ Fraser, Melissa ‘Ever Present’ Batemen closely followed by Sarah ‘mmmm that double decker cake’ Stokoe, Rob ‘give urs a wave’ Kevan and Holly ‘sub 60’ Keller, what a run! These are not finishing places just how I have seen the photos. It was a shame the bad weather kicked in and we couldn’t all hang around for a picnic but it was a great day which saw some awesome runs, PB’s galore! Just shows all the training and hard work pays off :)

IMG_5340 IMG_5341 IMG_5342 IMG_5343

On reflection after a great year; I have seen my running improve loads which is no coincidence as I’ve loved the training and being part of a great club… Exactly what a running club is all about! Well done one and all that ran and for you newbies I hope you enjoy your first year as much as I have!

Position Name Time
16 Brad Clough 34.39
26 Paul Turner 35.28
43 Jason Old 36.27
67 Alan Thompson 37.43
72 Stephen Knight 37.53
74 Paul Jones 37.57
84 Steve Robertson 38.12
101 Chris Pearce 38.56
114 Judith Nutt 39.15
122 Martin Connelly 39.32
148 Ant Beynon 40.30
149 Gina Howorth 40.34
150 Richard Davies 40.35
154 John Lowes 40.46
155 Richard Carr 40.49
162 Ben Hall 41.05
203 Brenden Casey 42.19
209 Harry Matthews 42.43
227 Sarah Davies 43.17
233 Shaun Connelly 43.37
241 Connor Howd 43.50
248 Dave Jardin 43.59
249 Rob Wilson 44.00
250 Ryan Davison 44.00
253 Rob Emson 44.03
270 Daniel Nettle 44.41
272 Catherine Lee 44.45
286 Lee Coulson 45.15
316 Emma Turnbull 46.17
353 Mary Lisle 47.52
355 Stevie Curry 48.02
374 Emma Fraser 49.00
403 Sarah Stokoe 50.46
414 Melissa Bateson 51.02
461 Rob Kevan 54.33
510 Holl Kelleher 57.58


Senior Training Sessions

Tuesday 14th April – One North East – 1×6 Mins with 2 Mins recovery, 1×5 Mins with 2 Mins recovery, 2×3 Mins with 1 Minute recovery, 1×2 Mins with 1 Minute recovery, 1×1 Minute to end.

Thursday 16th April – Centre Field – 2×3 Minutes with 90 secs recovery. Then 6 times Hill, with jog recovery, then 2×3 Minutes.

The Good Friday Relays 2015

A belated report (apologies…) on the Good Friday Relays. Thank you to Rowan Bennett and Bob Wilson for the photos. The rain and logistics did not deter over 650 athletes, marshals, officials and spectators from a great day of friendly relay competition at this year event. The course of 2.25 miles awaited the competitors. The women’s race was off first and there was a good competition between the top 3 senior teams with Gateshead A home in 1st place 37.24, Jarrow AC A home in 2nd place 38.09, and Birtley AC A, home in 3rd place 38.42. Elswick’s A were 15th, with Janice Higginson, Catherine Lee and Gina Howarth home in 43.33. Elswick’s B were 32nd, with Sarah Davies, Robyn Bennett home in 47.58. 49 complete teams took part. Well done to everyone who took part.


2nd fastest women’s vet of the day, Justina Heslop of Team Elswick!


Senior Women’s Team of Robyn, Sarah and Molly


Ever present, always very good! Andrea Banner at 100% :)

34 teams took part in the Vet women’s race. First place went to Sunderland Strollers A with a time of 40.00. In second place a great team run by Elswick A with Andrea Banner Emma Turnbull and Justina Heslop home in 40.56. In 3rd place TyneBridge A with 41.14. Elswick’s B team were placed 18th. Mary Lisle, Denise Huddleston and Yvonne Swinhoe completed the trio with a total run time of 47.52. In 29th place Elswick C had a time of 50.63, the team comprising of athletes Elizabeth Souter, Caron Green and Judith Flanagan. Elswick’s vets team comprising of Lalage Brown, Jackie Avery and Leah Avery ran a team time of 52.01. Thank you to to Jackie who has been struggling with an injury over the winter. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

The senior men’s race: Another well contested race, but Morpeth AC A team ran away as clear winners in 42.03. In 2nd place Morpeth B team had a combined run time of 43.05. Then in 3rd place with another great team effort, Elswick’s A team of Tadele Geremew 10.21, Lee Ager 11.37, Bradley Clough 11.41, and without being too biased….the star from Elswick, Phil Hurst with another course record and the only person to run under 10 minutes took the anchor leg by the scruff of its neck and ran beautifully to a 9.55 giving Elswick’s Senior Men’s A team a well deserved 3rd place in 43.34. Elswick’s B team of Paul Jones, John Lowes, Tom Rebair and Mark Crowe had a determined run and finished in 42nd place with a combined time of 53.11. Elswick’s C team of Seamus Kelleher, Ant Benyon, Michael Shore and Ben Hall ran a team time of 54.21, finishing in 46th place.  62 complete teams, 4 incomplete teams and 1 DQ took part. Very well ran by all gents.


The vet men’s race. 33 complete teams, 3 incomplete teams and 1 DQ took part. At the front of this race was the dominant club of Morpeth AC. Their A team took the honours with a time of 47.45. In second was Tyne Bridge A with a time of 48.06. In third place was  Tyne Bridge B with a time of 49.14. Elswick’s B team of Sean Connelly Steve Curry and Mike Russell were incomplete unfortunately, but still nevertheless had a good run out, so thank you for doing so! Elswick’s A team were sadly D.Q.’d :( Well done to all the competitors taking part.


3rs place men’s senior team of LtoR: Bradley, Lee, Tadele and Phil

In spite of the distance between the race course and race HQ, it was pleasing to see such a large gathering for the prize giving. Frank Watson thanked everyone for their help and co-operation on this difficult day. It was certainly a day to be proud of, a day, proud to be an Elswick Harrier. See you all again in 2016.


Fastest of them all :) Elswick’s Phil Hurst


Masters Events

Attached is information for forthcoming fixtures for our Masters Athletes (35 plus). It would be great to get some teams for the North East Masters Road Relay Championships at Monkton on 6th May and the British Masters Road Relay Championships at Sutton Park on 16th May (both OPEN events) Plus the BMAF 5k Road Championships at Horwich.
It would be great to see a group travel to Sutton Park along with our regular M65 team of Mark, Steve, Graham and me.
Attached are relevant details and entry forms.


NEMAA Update

BMAF Road Relay

BMAF 5k 2015 Horwich



North Tyneside 10k 2015

TADELE GEMEREW won todays North Tyneside 10k Road race in a time of 30:51, just 25 seconds outside the course record, with, keeping it in the family, JUSTINA HESLOP winning the women’s race in 34:43.

Full times and positions of everyone else to follow once results are out. Great turnout by all Elswick runners today.