It might rain! So do bring a change of clothing ūüôā

Please collect your number from the centre between 6.30 and 7pm (¬†Don’t forget your safety pins¬†ūüôā )

If anyone would like to bring buffet food for after the run, the function room is open from 7pm. Tables are set aside on which the food can be placed. Thank you.

Have a warm up. 7.20pm group photo. At 7.25pm we will organise athletes at the start area in numerical order.

At 7.30pm we will start the run, with each person setting off in 15 second intervals.

Listen to the starters instructions & any marshals calls on the course. Run as best as you can. Finish & bask in your personal glory!

If runners could then stay & stand alongside the finishing funnel & cheer on your running friends, that would be great!

Afterwards collect your token prize & join us in the function room over a bite to eat & a drink.

If we can print off the scores in the centre we will, if not, we’ll publish on the website asap.

We look forward to seeing almost 100 of Team Elswick Athletes ūüôā Cheers, GB.

Training week, Club photo opportunity, club 3km run info.

TUESDAY: ALL club members group¬†photo opportunity, 7.25pm playing field. Kindly bring a club vest or any club apparel or something red. Don’t worry if you have none of this: just wear your training gear. Your presence is more important than a¬†red top ūüôā Senior group: 23 minutes top loop on Wallbottle Bank.

THURSDAY: Free, 3km age-graded club run get-together. Course & Helpers list 

  • Last opportunity for senior name entry: Tuesday evening in the sports hall: to Frank Watson, Lalage Brown, Graham Bell¬†(or via Face Book).¬†
  • Juniors names to Mark Carpenter or¬†Mark Todd as soon as you can please.¬†
  • On the evening: collect your number between¬†6.30 & 7pm in the sports hall.¬†7.20pm last group photo opportunity. What to wear? same note as¬†above from Tuesday.
  • 7.30pm we will start¬†the run.¬†Wear whatever you wish. We hope to have the run completed¬†by 8.30 pm¬†at the very latest, then:
  • Afterwards,¬†everyone is invited to the function room.¬†If members could kindly bring along¬†‘party food’¬†for the post run buffet, that would be most appreciated. Thank you.¬†The function room will be open from 7pm with tables set aside to place¬†food on.
  • Everyone will receive a bottle of water and a small token prize as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for supporting your club¬†run evening.¬†

The 2016 Coastal Run

We have on our doorstep, a magnificent coast line: luckier still, we have Alnwick Harriers Running Club, that gives athletes the opportunity to run a 13 mile race from Beadnell to Alnmouth. And so 35 from Elswick stood alongside over 1000 fellow runners on Beadnell beach on Sunday (A sell out event in 18hours!).

Some of the early finishers from Team Elswick.
Some of the early finishers from Team Elswick. Mark, Jason, Ant, Ben, Coach Colin (The best) Iain & Jude

At¬†10.30a.m. the hooter sounded and the race was underway. Runners picking their line down the beach. A warm, humid¬†day were the running¬†conditions,¬†so it was quite tough for everyone taking part. At the front of the field it was Morpeth’s Carl Avery who¬†¬†won the race by a considerable margin in 1.13.34 Congratulations to Carl. The first female athlete to finish was¬†Joanna Gascoigne-Owens From Alnwick harriers in 1.27.17. Congratulations to Joanna. Below are the results (and link here > )¬†from Elswick’s athletes: you were all superb: Elswick’s first finisher was Jason Old in 18th overall – 1.25.25 (4th V40)¬†and for the ladies: Jude Nutt in fine form finishing in 60th overall (3rd¬†V35) in 1.32.41. Some¬†excellent finishing positions and personal bests:¬†Age group category¬†podiums for Mark McNally and Harry Matthews (first¬†& third).¬†Once athletes had finished many of Team Elswick stayed back on the beach for what has now become a popular post run picnic on the beach: A fine way to end the run!¬†Below the table of results is the continue reading icon for photographs of runners at the finish. Thank you to ALL of the volunteers and helpers yesterday. Special Thanks to Alnwick Harriers for hosting the event and finally thank you to the people & medical professionals who came to the rescue of a fellow runner who took poorly during the race.

Pos. Finish time Participant Club/Company
1 1:25:25 Jason Old Elswick Harriers
2 1:30:03 Iain Hardy Elswick Harriers
3 1:31:23 Mark Turnbull Elswick Harriers
4 1:32:41 Judith Nutt Elswick Harriers
5 1:35:06 Ben Hall Elswick Harriers
6 1:35:30 Antony Beynon Elswick Harriers
7 1:37:46 Richard Houghton Elswick Harriers
8 1:41:18 Mark Mcnally Elswick Harriers
9 1:41:31 David Armstrong Elswick Harriers
10 1:43:21 Scott Brady Elswick Harriers
11 1:45:24 Harry Matthews Elswick Harriers
12 1:46:02 Gina Howorth Elswick Harriers
13 1:47:11 Mary Lisle Elswick Harriers
14 1:48:47 Tim Cook Elswick Harriers
15 1:49:01 Susanne Stephenson Elswick Harriers
16 1:50:26 Lee Coulson Elswick Harriers
17 1:52:45 Catherine Lee Elswick Harriers
18 1:53:25 Leah Avery Elswick Harriers
19 1:54:19 Colette Byrne Elswick Harriers
20 1:55:04 Angela. Richardson Elswick Harriers
21 1:55:13 Andy Middleton Elswick Harriers
22 2:00:42 Rich Roberts Elswick Harriers
23 2:00:53 Marie Louise Drozdowicz Elswick Harriers
24 2:01:27 Micky Shore Elswick Harriers
25 2:02:19 Kim Matthews Elswick Harriers
26 2:03:05 Steve Curry Elswick Harriers
27 2:06:29 James Richardson Elswick Harriers
28 2:10:21 Susan Wilson Elswick Harriers
29 2:11:10 Mel Reed Elswick Harriers
30 2:11:22 Denise Huddleston Elswick Harriers
31 2:11:22 Katy Goulding Elswick Harriers
32 2:11:47 Joanne Lucking Elswick Harriers
33 2:16:41 Jackie Avery Elswick Harriers
34 2:18:31 Michelle Mangan Elswick Harriers
35 2:23:11 Helen Burke Elswick Harriers

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Elswick Harriers 3km handicap

The clubs inaugural 3km handicap race for club members will be held this coming Thursday 28th July. To help with the preparations, all runners who are planning on running need to let the club know by Tuesday 26th at the latest. Please ensure that you arrive prompt and early on Thursday so you can be given your start time.

Harrier League AGM

The dates have been announced. This years fixtures list for the NEHL are below.
1st of October venue to be confirmed.
Sunday 9th of October Duridge Bay.
19th of November. Sherman Cup, Temple Park.
26th of November, Thornley Farm, near Peterlee, my understanding for this event are some volunteers and marshals from all the clubs will be needed.
7th of January Herrington.
4th of March Alnwick.
18th of March possibly Wreckenton.
There maybe some movement of venues between Wreckenton and Thornley as there can be two courses at Thornley.

The Northerns are on the 10th of December at Akley Heads.
Then we have Knowsley on the 28th of November.
Woolaton park 25th of February.

There is a course taking place ‘ Level 1 (Endurance ) and Risk Awareness which the officials would like club members to attend to help in the officiating. We have information details re that which will be brought to the club for Frank Watson’ notice board.

Regards Lalage

The Alnmouth to Beadnell class of 1992

Derek Nelson found a results sheet from the 1992 Alnmouth to Beadnell race. At the top of the field placed 2nd and 3rd I. Ellis and C Lees from Elswick Harriers. The 3rd counter in 10th place was N. Barnes…..impressive finishing times.¬†The finishing places allowed Elswick Harriers to WIN the team¬†prize. A¬†TOP¬†result indeed ūüôā 20 Elswick runners took their place amongst the 1085 participants on Sunday 19th July 1992. Enjoy your weekend wherever you are running this weekend. Thanks to Derek for the results page.




Fambridge Yacht Haven ‘Half Iron’ Distance Triathlon

Elswick’s Holly Kelleher’s words & photos. Enjoy the read. Eight¬†months of training, nearly 6 days a week saw me in Essex this weekend for my first ‚Äėhalf Iron‚Äô distance Triathlon. A mere 363 days after I acquired my first bike as a grown up, and just over a year since I agreed to join Castle Tri just to look after their money! This was only my fourth Tri, having a Go Tri, Sprint and Standard under my belt. I had an 8 hour time limit but the cut offs for the swim and run were a mere 10 minutes under my training performance so the pressure was on.

(Above: the calm before the storm!) My race prep had a few blips…………. Continue reading Fambridge Yacht Haven ‘Half Iron’ Distance Triathlon

Alnwick Harriers Coastal Race

For all members heading up for the Coastal on Sunday, either running or supporting don’t forget the annual beach BBQ after the race 😎. As in previous years, bring your picnic, BBQ bits and beach towel and we all set up camp on Alnmouth beach and enjoy the rest of the day, post race dip in the sea and a good old social , see you there Mary xx



You want pain in your legs? Try this: The Chevy Chase.

Words and photos from Ben Hall. Enjoy the read.

1st February 2016 and its decision time do I or don‚Äôt I enter this years race or not, well it‚Äôs a no brainer really of course I‚Äôm going to enter but whose going to join me‚Ķ It‚Äôs the 60th year running of the event so the kind son I am I sign my Dad (John Hall) up as part of his 65th birthday, what a present eh? Now the owld (or is it spelt auld) man is on board Jonny, Patrick, Mary and Cath take no convincing‚ĶA brief summary of the race: Organised by the Wooler Running Club, the route takes on two of the highest peaks in Northumberland (Cheviot and Hedgehope). The circular route was introduced in 1990 where you need to hit 8 checkpoints within a specific time, competitors can choose to complete in the walking or running categories. For more info: So the prep work starts in mid-April…………….. Continue reading You want pain in your legs? Try this: The Chevy Chase.