A reminder that the club’s AGM takes place at Newburn Leisure Centre, Ground Floor Meeting Room on Friday 2nd November at 7.30 pm.

Tom Hanson (Club Secretary & Senior Coach) has copies of proxy voting forms if you cannot attend the meeting. Thank you.

Senior training and Harrier League

Senior sessions this week will be…
Tuesday 23rd: 2 x 5 mins, 2 x 4 mins with 1 minute recovery. Starting from bus stop at One North East.
Thursday 25th: 10 x 75 sec hills with jog back recovery. Starting from hill beside sports centre and allotments
Saturday 27th is the next fixture for the Harrier League XC. The venue is on our doorstep at Gosforth Park so it would great to see a strong turnout at this new course.

The Castles Half Marathon – Bamburgh. Success for Team Elswick.

Team Elswick ventured north to the backdrop of Bamburgh and its famous castle. A typical late autumn Sunday day weather awaited Team Elswick and fellow competitors. A two lap, undulating course of Northumberland country side. What followed in the race of over 300 athletes was hard earned and success for Team Elswick.

For results go to > 2018 results Jude Nutt had a superb race and took first place in the women’s race (6th overall!) in 1.25.23 and took the title & trophy. Congratulations Jude!

Richard Houghton took a fine podium 3rd place (1.25.03) in the men’s competition. Congratulations to Richard – And together with Scott Brady (1.26.00 & 8th place) and Dave Armstrong (1.36.26 & 40th) were just edged out by NSP for the men’s team competition! Well done regardless gents! Below are the trophy photos: Jude & Richard. (Thanks to Scott for the news on the race). Well done to Jim, Karen and John for Team Elswick too…………… Keep it going!


Pos Name Club Race
Gender Gender
Category Category
Gun Time Chip Time
3 richard houghton Elswick Harriers 362 Male 3 Senior 2 01:23:05 01:23:02
6 judith nutt Elswick Harriers 465 Female 1 V40 1 01:25:23 01:25:18
8 scott brady Elswick Harriers 236 Male 7 Senior 5 01:26:00 01:25:57
40 david armstrong Elswick Harriers 209 Male 38 V40 9 01:36:26 01:36:22
205 john stewart Elswick Harriers 537 Male 164 Senior 78 02:02:13 02:01:55
273 karen routledge Elswick Harriers 504 Female 84 V55 2 02:18:28 02:18:07
279 jim ross Elswick Harriers 503 Male 191 V55 15 02:20:51 02:20:30

Ironman Barcelona

Report by Elswick’s Mark Turnbull. Enjoy the read & photos. I booked up with the Ponteland Tri group as an event like this is so much smoother, less stressful and more enjoyable when approached in numbers, and with 7 competitors and up to around 13 supporters it was fantastic. A mixture of Ironman virgins and hardened competitors looking for a time. Below: Left, Elswicks Mark Turnbull & Mike Russell & 5 make 7!

A brief diary of the weekend’s events:

Thursday – check into hotel – oh how we laughed when Mark Kelly and I, who were sharing a room, were told there were no twins left. Receptionist – “It’s ok guys the bed’s big” (it wasn’t).  Luckily David and Sarah Levison swapped their twin room, phew! Registration and then a couple of beers (honest)… and then a couple of small red wines! 

Friday – morning 1 hour easy bike planned – but (the Hotel porter man) broke my presta valve blowing the tyre up – omg! Mended it and went out a bit later, 6 miles down the road – bang it broke again and had to limp back to base. Getting that fixed was very stressful as I couldn’t get the right valve extender and it wasn’t properly ‘fixed’ until the Saturday. Friday afternoon – briefing by Mr Ironman, Paul Kaye and then an easy swim.

Saturday – backwards and forwards to a bike shop a couple of times and then an hour ride just to make sure everything was ok – no problems phew! bike racking, transition bag prep and eating lots. 

Sunday – Race Day – we awoke to thunder and lightning, rain and rough seas. The start was at 8:20 ish so fairly late by normal triathlon standards. The overall race strategy was the same for 3 of us, myself, David and Steve: swim survival, bike 5 hrs (23 mph) and run 3:20 to 3:30 plus transitions should be an easy sub 10 hours. 

Swim: I did 1:17 which was a pb for me, but I’d hoped for a quicker time in calm conditions. There was at least a 6 foot swell that provided a few comical moments but ended some races there and then with people struggling in the shore break. Once out it was a bit choppy with the wind/current blowing you down the course and then a struggle back looking for small buoys hidden behind the swell. The photo really does not do the 6 feet swells justice!



Bike: very flat and very busy is the best description, with a few rain showers making roundabouts treacherous. Unfortunately quite a few crashes on the slippy roundabouts including the overall winner, but also John Mc Gargill in our party who dislocated/broke his shoulder L – oh no everyone was gutted for him to say the least, but I think he’s on the mend already and booking up another. There was actually a hill put in that you had to climb twice, obviously on a 2 lap course, but we went up it at 20 mph with the wind behind! I can’t believe that some people were actually complaining about the hilly course – clearly never been to Northumberland.  Three of the guys got penalties that seemed very random, more for ‘blocking’ when trying to get off the front of a group. My strategy was to start the swim as near to the front as possible, so as to be cycling at the faster end of the field and it pretty much worked. It mainly consisted of bridging over from one group to the next group, each one faster than the last until about 20 miles to go I couldn’t get off the front and had to sit in a peloton eating my lunch and taking in the scenery (in an Ironman!). Actually very frustrating as you feel you could go faster. Finished the bike on 5:05, just under 23 mph average. 




Run: early target pace was 7:30/mile with an 8 minute backstop which I’d roughly worked out on the fly would get me to 9:59. I ran a 1:40 1st half and a 1:49 2nd for a 3:29 marathon. I actually thought I was fine for 9:59 until pretty much the finish. The final 10 km I had 48 minutes – no problem right?  Didn’t factor the aid stations and stopping for another wee (aaaggghh) and finished on 10:01, 10th in the V 50 category. I’m chuffed with that – went for it, gave it a good crack and a minute doesn’t matter, it was a superb event and I achieved the target (very nearly). Time just slips away everywhere during the course of an Ironman, quite apart from being a slow swimmer, 3 wee stops, wet roads on the bike, a bit of nutrition walking on the run – all adds up and the clock stops for no-one! 

Steve smashed all 3 disciplines out the park and finished 9:44!Very well done. David was ahead of me nearly all the way and would have finished an easy sub 10, but reached his sugar intake limit on the 2nd half of the run and finished just behind me – also a bit disappointed to miss the target. 

Elswick’s Mike Russell made his long course debut, looking to have enjoyed the whole Ironman experience, relieved to have survived the swim and talking about next time already! Mark Kelly finished in a great time after some sporadic training and with a (self professed) alpha male body more suited to rugby than Ironman! Martin Hallissey (somehow not registered as Pont Tri) finished in an amazing 9:12, 8th in his category. That’s it, definitely recommended, would do it again in a flash. Finishers photos: Below left: The magic carpet & Elswick’s Mark Turnbull & right, Mike Russell.




Druridge Bay NEHL XC. Juniors Team Report

Thanks to Ken, Jan & Claire for the report: The 2nd Harrier League race of the season took place on Sunday at the picturesque Druridge Bay it was drizzling and cold. We had 31 hardy juniors turning out (Thanks to Tom Hanson for bringing the tent much appreciated).

The first race was the U/11s sadly we had no boys running but we certainly made up for it in the girls. U/11 Girls 1st Poppy Wilde 5.54, 10th Erin Blight 6.39, 11th Louisa Hamilton 6.40, 22nd Evie Reed 7.00, 23rd Zoe Fielding 7.05, 33rd Jessica Robinson 7.31, 35th Hannah Waterhouse 7.37, 42nd Lola Wood 7.51, 45 Keira Bairstow 8.04. U/13 Boys 4th Jake Robinson 13.41, 11th Charles Mason 14.12, 29th Adam Robinson 15.08, 53rd Bailey Shore 16.05 4th Team. U/13 Girls 11th Sophie Henderson 15.30,22nd Caitlin Flanagan 14.14(fast pack) 40th Lucy Milburn 15.04(fast pack)66th Jayden Morton 20.53. 7th Team. U/15 Boys 48th Connor Shore 15.02. U/15 Girls 38th Aimee Bairstow 15.48, 44th Emily Allison 14.23(fast pack) 45th Charley Lee 14.24(fast pack) 52nd Grace Ogilvie 17.05. 63rd Maelona Redhead 19.53, 64th Elaine Hutton 19.55. 12th Team. U/17 Boys 23rd Jamie Styles 18.17, 25th Chris Mason 19.22 both running from the fast pack. U/17/20 Girls 2nd Suzannah Fielding 20.29, 6th Hannah Tumia 19.47(medium pack)17th Kerry-Anne Simpson 22.17, 29th Marissa O’Rourke 25.52. 2nd Team. Next NEHL is on the 27th October at Gosforth Park this is a new venue, it’s local so we would like to see as many juniors turning out for this race .Remember you have to do at least 3 races to be in with a chance of an award at the club championships. More photos are on the continue reading icon:

SENIOR WOMENS RACE: A great result collectively by good packing & placement resulted in a first team spot in Division two. Well done to Sara, Amy Heptinstall Amy Fuller, Hannah, Robyn, Cath, Vicki, Lalage, Kim, Charlotte, Arabella, Gill, Melissa, Michelle and Harry Matthews. Elswick ladies also placed a second counting team, finishing in 8th place. THE SENIOR MENS RACE: The gents finished 7th team in Division 2: Joe Higgins was first home. Athletes, Scott, Mark, John, Dave, Martin, Daniel, Steve, Andy, Jim, Lee and Dean competed well to consolidate a good mid-table standing. Well done. More photos by clicking the continue reading icon. The next XC is Saturday 27th October at Gosforth Park.

Continue reading Druridge Bay NEHL XC. Juniors Team Report

Elswick Harriers Run / Talk Initiative. A good luck message for Team Elswick in Barcelona!

Run And Talk event – Thursday 11 October 2018. Elswick Harriers, as part of the England Athletics initiative, is to hold a “Run And Talk” event on Thursday 11 October 2018.
The run will be the same as previous, – Starting at 7:15 p.m. from the club going along to Blayney Row, left towards the river, then left through the riverside Park to the Boat House then back to the club via Grange Road. The route may have to change if the weather is inclement. Hopefully conversations can continue after the run at the Keelman Pub.
This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how Elswick Harriers embraces mental health. Further information can be obtained from the England Athletics Facebook page at #Run And Talk, from our Mental Health ambassador, Christiane James or from me. Regards, Keith Batey, Club Welfare Officer.

Finally, the very best of luck to Elswick Harrier Club Members, participating at this weekends end of season finale at Ironman Barcelona. A lot of training over the three disciplines will have gone towards this one day race spectacular, which precludes the world championships that take place in October on the island of Hawaii. GO TEAM ELSWICK! 

A milestone & Club News

A milestone for the club! 

This is the 1000th post on the Elswick Harrier Website.

The first ever post published on the clubs website was back on 4th July 2012 when Andy Middleton published that first report: The Tynedale 10 km Road Race. Commonly known by fellow runners as the pie & peas run. There have been a total of just under 1000 comments attached to the posts over the past six years and website’s anti-virus software has stopped over 350,000 spam infiltrating the website. An average of thirteen posts per month. For a little trip down memory lane, here is that first 212 word report:

This popular mid-week event was staged on a typical English summer’s evening-threatening clouds and intermittent rain, with a huge field of 515 finishers. The race was won by 0/40 Steve Cairns of Tyne Bridge Harriers in 33:09, with the women’s race being yet another success for Jane Hodgson of Morpeth Harriers in 37:25. Elswick had an excellent turnout of 15 runners including new recruit Mark Turnbull who finished a very creditable 30th in 37:23. KEVIN STEPHENSON ran solidly to claim 38th spot in 38:15. ALISON DARGIE continued her purple patch by finishing 41st and second woman overall in 38:27. YAM THIRU had an excellent run to finish 65th in a time of 39:35, 1st 0/45. Good to see JONNY BOLTON out in a club vest, he was one place behind Yam in 39:38. MARK McNALLY was once again 1st 0/60 in 40:12 – 81st. MARK POWELL-87TH-40:33, TOM HANSON-145TH-43:24, ANTHONY BEYNON-149TH-43:38, PETER SLOAN-173RD-44:38, MARY LISLE-251ST-47:55, JOANNE LUCKING-345TH-51:09, CHRISTINE LEE-397TH-53:40, and yet again 1st 0/60. TINA McIVER was 435th-56:48, and ELIZABETH PALLISTER finished 486th in 62:48. Elswick women finished 4th team overall. The event was a great success, in spite of the difficulties with parking due to the bad weather. This did not deter the competitors from enjoying their post-race suppers back at Ovingham School, so hats off to Tynedale Harriers for overcoming all the problems thrown at them.

News for club members.

 A reminder: The club’s AGM will take place on Friday 2nd November 2018 at 7.30 pm: Ground Floor meeting room. Club Members are encouraged to attend: remember this is your club! The secretaries report will be talked through, along with a financial summary (delivered by the club treasurer). The re-election of the club’s committee also takes place. An open question & answer session brings to an end the meeting.

From Monday’s Committee Meeting (1st October 2018). A request was put before the club’s committee to consider an earlier session start time of 7 pm.

After some discussion it was agreed by the committee members present that the club will stay with a 7.15 pm start time.

A new joining form (Ver 4.0) can be downloaded from the website. The form now includes a GDPR statement.

A timely reminder for all club members participating in club runs & training sessions during dusk & night time conditions, to wear appropriate high visibility clothing.

Redcar Half Marathon. Sunday 30th September

The Redcar Half Marathon is a regional championship standing race. The race which attracts a strong field of good local club runners, took place on Sunday. Elswick’s V40 athlete, Jude Nutt had a superb race, finishing as 1st placed FIRST FEMALE ATHLETE, with a time of 1.25.10. Only 33 male runners were in front of Jude. Congratulations! As you can see from the photo below, A trio of Elswick lads running in unison, Martin Connelly (1.27.28 & 55th), Shaun Connelly (1.27.33 57th) and John Bell (1.27.23 V55) finished within a second or three of each other. Shaun ran a half marathon PB and John claimed a top podium spot in his age group category. Well done gents, no doubt some canny pacing going on throughout the race! Results can be found by clicking the link here > results

Taking a step back to the 2015 Redcar Half Harathon, Elswick’s Justina Heslop won the womens race and Elswick’s Tadele Geremew won the mens  race with times of 76 mins & 70 mins respectively. The club has certainly had some notable success, across almost all of the age group categories over the years at this championship race. Cheers, GB