Club Championship 2018

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  • Next Race is at Whitley Bay 23rd May and the Clive Cookson 10 km road race: Get those entries IN!
  • A two event format for 2018:
  • Runners can choose one or both championships to participate in.
  • The first is a road race championship.
  • Run Two 5 km’s & Two 10 km’s (So 4 races to qualify).
  • You can run in more than 4 races, BUT!
  • Only your best two 5 km & your best two 10 km races will be your qualifying races.  
  • N.B. Enter races in good time as some events can sell out.
Date: 2018 Event Distance Approx. £ For info visit: 
Sunday 8th April BV Transped (Blyth 10km) 10 km £13
Sunday 22nd April Terry O Gara 5km £10


Wednesday 23rd  May Clive Cookson 10km £13


Wednesday Early July Sunderland 5km £8
Thursday Late August Watergate 5km £8
Sunday Mid November Heaton 10km £11


  • The second championship is a N.E.H.L. Cross Country Championship.
  • Taking the official N.E.H.L. results: The club will compile the competitors points from tables produced by the N.E.H.L. administrators.
  • Only the first 3 harrier league events will count for the purpose of this championship which usually are:
  • From September to December 2018.
  • Established rules for the club championship & disputes procedure apply to both championships (please read the note below).
  • Why this format for 2018? Keep local. Travel kept to a minimum. Support local clubs. Simplified format. Separate XC Champs. Reasonable entry fee costs.

         Club Championship Rules: 

  • You must wear your official club vest or cropped top. If it is not worn, then any points obtained from that race will be removed from the athletes points total.
  • Disputes. Athletes have 1 month (post-race date) in which ‘a dispute’ may be raised. First contact the chairman or secretary to explain your situation. You must put your dispute in writing within one month, post race date.
  • Submit this document to the Club Secretary. The club will do it’s utmost to resolve such matters in a timely, fair & impartial manner.
  • Athletes must be aged 18 & over before the first race in order to compete in the championship.
  • If you run in a championship race you will be automatically included in the results.
  • Please refer ‘general queries’ to the men’s captain, Graham Bell or any one of the Women’s Club Representatives. Alternatively, you can contact the Club Secretary, Tom Hanson. Email: or tel: 07738 549830.
  • If you cannot run in the race you have entered: Contact the race organiser & ask what your options are. Follow their advice. Do not simply hand over your race number to another fellow runner: Doing so could adversely affect overall standings in the championship. 
  • In the event of a tie, a count back method will apply. In the event of minimum participation, per age group: then the awards will be pro rata.
  • Entering as an un-attached runner will result in your time not being recognised for the purpose of this club championship.