Accident. Incident. Near Miss!

Keith Batey. Primary contact for club members accidents, incidents & near misses.

Elswick Harriers takes the welfare and fitness of its’ members seriously. 

Where a club member is injured whilst representing the club at an event or is taking part in a club training session it is advisable to report such an incident.

This process is not to record those niggles, twinges and aches will all get from time to time but does apply to slips, trip and falls or where anyone feels ‘unwell’ as a result of their involvement in their running activity.

A new accident form is available to download here >Injury Incident Report Form Complete this form as best you can and forward to Keith Batey.

Email the form to: (note the underscore _ between h & b) or hand in on a training evening.

Alternatively Tel Keith: 07742 943 900

We encourage club members to report any near misses. 


The club defines a near miss as: ‘an event not causing harm, but has the potential to cause injury which the club are able to investigate and will do their utmost to rectify‘ should be reported. Remember:

If the club does not know, then the club cannot have the opportunity  to put things right.

In the event of an accident, an incident or a near miss, please do contact Mr. Keith Batey. Thank you.