Seniors Training

Hello Team Elswick Senior members!

The notes set out below, describes in general, the weekly training sessions the club holds for its senior members.

Who are the sessions aimed at? Every senior member is cordially invited along. From beginners looking to ‘take the next step’ up in their training, all the way through to experienced club runners. When? Tuesday’s & Thursdays, leaving the centre at 7.15pm prompt.

Location are varied. From the Playing field & Blaney Row by the centre, Wallbottle Bank, One North East Business Estate, Warburton’s Industrial Estate, it depends on the type of session to be conducted, the weather, and availability of such areas. Check the club’s facebook page or the website for training session details.

Tuesdays tend to be the longer sessions. These can range in time from 3 to 10 minutes per interval. There are multiples of intervals that makes up a typical session. The exception may be specific hill running, continuous running,’ pyramid’ or ‘progression’ runs. Sessions last around an hour.

Thursdays tend to be shorter sessions. Again, there are multiples of timed intervals from 30 secs to 2 and a half minutes, that will typically make up a session from one minutes to two minutes, repeating the interval more (typically 6 to 10).  Sessions last around 45 minutes.

If you are new to sessions, recovering from injury, had significant time away from running and you’re not quite up to speed, you can personally tailor the session to your current fitness & ability levels. Sessions are not cast in stone: If a session appears to you, to be ‘difficult’ you can for example, miss out a particular interval or reduce the time on one (or more) of the timed intervals. Please don’t let a particular session put you off from coming down to the club!

Throughout the year we are all at different levels of fitness (ability and health). Seasoned runners know this only too well. Running taxes the body & mind, but the benefits far outweigh negatives! You are more than welcome to drive to a particular location & have a shorter warm up before you start your session. 

Join us and enjoy your running! 🙂   20160728_202031_resized