Welfare & Wellbeing

Keith Batey 4

Keith Batey (pictured here) is the club’s Welfare Officer. Keith brings a wealth of  key welfare officer experience to the club, which the committee acknowledges is vitally important to the club.

Click on this link to view the Welfare info pamphlet and click on this link to Know your welfare officer .

To contact Keith in confidence: Mobile no. 0774 294  3900 or Email: keith_batey@yahoo.co.uk (kindly note: underscore between H & B). Thank you.









Mental Health Ambassadors.

Elswick Harriers is pleased to report that Emma Simblett and Christiane James have volunteered to take the role of Mental Health ambassadors for the club.  Their role will be to promote the benefits of physical fitness with regards to personal well-being and mental health. 

 Emma’s Simblett’s story (pictured left). For the past 25 years I have had severe anxiety, coupled with bouts of depression. It started when I was 13 with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) based on needing to be “clean”. This would lead to irrational and intrusive thoughts and every moment awake was a nightmare. Since then, anxiety has been pretty much a constant companion and my moods swing from high to low in an instant. I can make any positive thought negative without even trying. Funnily enough, I joined a running club at one of the worst times of my life. A time where I felt I was going mad and I my friend looked after me for 3 days while I sat rocking back and forth. Less than a week later, my mood had settled again and I joined Elswick Harriers. I made the jump whilst I had a more level frame of mind. This is why I decided to become an MHA. I know how being active and social can help but I also know that sometimes, or lots of times, just getting moving to do the easiest things can be so very hard. I do what I can, sometimes alone, sometimes with people, depending on how I feel. I just take it day by day.


Christiane’s James story (pictured left). In 2009, prompted by a life event, I started running again. I decided to do the GNR to raise money for Cancer Research. I found that I enjoyed running and from thereon I increased the mileage every week. I particularly liked running outdoors as it helped me to switch off from the pressures of life and gave me time to clear my head. Who would have thought then that I would go on running London Marathon this year, a week before my 59th birthday? Running makes me feel ” Forever Young” and joining Elswick Harriers contributed to making new friends with whom I have built a genuine camaraderie as we battle the wind and rain together on training days and race days. Emma and Christiane can be contacted via the Club Welfare Officer. Alternatively catch them at the club for a chat.