Club Championship 2017

Here is your full copy of the Club Championship Race Calendar for 2017.

Club Championship standings after  the last race (no.12) club champs 2017 race 12


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Club Championship Rules and Points Scoring:

  1. You must wear your official club vest or cropped top. If they are not worn then any points obtained from that race will be removed from the athletes points total.
  2. A tie for 1st will be place decided by: The most recent championship race that both athletes competed in. The athlete that crossed the finish line ahead will be awarded 1st place.
  3. Disputes. Athletes have 1 month (post-race date) in which ‘a dispute’ may be raised. First contact the chairman or secretary to explain your situation. You must put your dispute in writing within one month, post race date. Submit this document to the Club Secretary. The club will do it’s utmost to resolve such matters in a timely, fair & impartial manner.
  4. Athletes must be aged 18 & over before the first race in order to compete in the championship.
  5. If you run in a championship race you will be automatically INCLUDED in the results.
  6. If you do NOT wish to participate in the championship, then you must write to the Club Secretary to say that you do not want to be part of the club championship before the first championship race.
  7. Please refer ‘general queries’ to the men’s or women’s captains.
  8. Club Secretary, Tom Hanson. email: or tel: 07738 549830

Points Scoring:

You can run as many events as you wish but only your SEVEN best scores will count.

ONE of your 7 qualifying races MUST be race number 1, 2, 11 or 13.

If you cannot run in the race you have entered: Contact the race organiser & ask what your options are. Follow their advice. Do not simply hand over your race number to another fellow runner: Doing so could adversely affect overall standings in the championship. **Please note some of the events do have junior & fun runs. Why not take your children along and they too can participate?**

Race no. Full Details are on the spread sheet link at the top of this page. Approx. Date Approx. £
  ENTER EARLY! N.B. Some race dates have not yet been set as of the 1st Dec 2016. Inevitably, there be may be an unintentional overlap with other events.    
1 Northern XC Champs 28th         Jan Free
2 Harewood House half marathon (off-road) Mid         Feb 30
  No Club Championship race in March    
3 Cragside 10km trail 1st          Apr 14
4 Blyth 10km** 9th         Apr 10
5 Clive Cookson 10km 24th       May 10
6 Druridge Bay 10km Late       May 18
7 Newton Aycliffe 10km**(Full road closure) Late       Jun 13
8 Sunderland 5km 13th       July 7
9 Morpeth 10km Early     Aug 13
10 Redcar Beacon 5km**(Full road closure) 1st          Oct 13
11 Cumbrian half marathon: 1st          Oct 20
12 Heaton Memorial 10km**

Mid        Nov 10
13 North Eastern XC Champs See club noticeboard for details in November 🙂 Mid        Dec Free