Committee & Minutes


Your elected committee members meet on the first Monday of each month to discuss all issues relating to our club. If you have any questions then please do not hestitate to get in contact with anyone of the people below. We are here to help you.

Your committee members are : Steve Robertson – Chairman, Tom Hanson – Secretary, Peter Sloan – Treasurer, Graham Bell – Mens Captain, Lalage Brown – Womens Captain, Dave Jardin – Mens XC Captain, Gina Capocci – Women’s Vice Captain and Derek Nelson – Membership Secretary. Committee members: Frank Watson, Rob Wilson, Ben Hall and Keith Batey. Also invited on a shared basis are the coaching staff. Mike McLeod Three time Olympian and Olympic Silver Medallist – President.

The club holds its annual general meeting (AGM) in November to discuss the re-election of the committee, a presentation of the club’s finances and an overall view of how well the club and individuals have ‘performed’ over the past 12 months. Every club member is invited to the AGM. The date of the AGM is publicised via the clubs media.

Please take the opportunity to view monthly summarised minutes. Any queries, contact anyone from the committee. Thank you.

Committee Minutes

2013 – Feb / Mar / Apr / May / June /July / Sept / Oct / Nov / Dec

2014 – Jan / Feb / Mar / Dec / AGM

2015 – Jan / Feb / Mar / Apr / May / June / July / Aug / Sept / Oct / Nov / Dec

2016 – Jan / Feb / Mar / Apr / May / June / July / Aug / Sept / Oct / Nov / Dec

2017 – Jan / Feb / Mar / Apr / May / June / July / Aug / Sept / Oct / Nov / Dec


Graham Bell

Thanks for the feeback Tina. The club will be monitoring the feeback to see if we receive consistent feedback, question, queries etc. off the back of this iniative, we wish to encourage our club runners to come forward and “help the club”. 2-way dialogue is the way forward, so please spread the word! There is also a hard copy on our portable noticeboard. Best regards, Graham.

Katie Robson

I agree with Tina,I feel the same it’s great to have minutes available on website and noticeboard for all club members, Thank you committee

tina mciver

Congratulations to Joanne,our new social secretary! A suggestion for the club championship could be a monthly update on the notice board on club nights. I’m aware not everyone can open in the current format that includes me.

graham bell

Hello Tina,
Thank you for the feedback! I will take this suggestion for a monthly update (re: club championship)back to the committee for discussion. It will be an iterative task, so it will mean an additional responsibility from a committee member (or even a willing Elswick Harrier?)
Well done to Joanne for volunteering to become social secretary.
I believe the electronic version of the Club Championships is a zip file. I will see if it can be “converted” to a “standard” excel spreadsheet for viewing purposes. Cheers, Graham.

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