Joining Form & What you need to know

For an informal chat before you visit the club contact the membership Secretary Derek Nelson on training evenings Tuesday & Thursday.

Alternatively, contact the club secretary, Tom Hanson: Email: or Tel: 07738 549830

Once you come down to the activity centre, go into the sports hall & join the runners who be will congregating in the sports hall.

To join and become a runner affiliated to the club:

  • You will be required to complete a joining form. Click on this link here to open & download the club’s joining form > New Joining Form Ver.3
  • Please complete ALL sections of the form. Please scribe clearly. Thank you.
  • We will require a subscription fee. This is can be in the form of a cheque or cash. Cheques are made payable to ‘Elswick Harriers’.
  • The Club Secretary or designate, will inform you as to how much you will need to pay. More information can be found under the tab heading ‘SUBS 2017’.

This form is sent off to the club’s affiliated governing body: England Athletics (E.A.). They will register you with E.A & Elswick Harriers. You will be given a unique registration number. At this point you become a member of the club. Juniors will receive a welcome pack. This handy pamphlet is a  ‘things you need to know’ guide.

 What we will endeavour to do? Where & when we meet?

  1. We will endeavour to match your ability & needs to an appropriate group.
  2. The main Senior squad meet every Tuesday & Thursday, in the sports hall from 7pm. Runners leave at 7.15pm to go running.
  3. A beginners & an Intermediate run group also have the same timings.
  4. The Junior group also meet for 7pm & depart at 7.15pm.
  5. Juniors aged 10 to 17 have their own dedicated group running & conditioning sessions (Usually lasting around 40 to 50 mins)
  6. We have a dedicated beginners group. Runs are varied and can typically be from 30 to 45 mins.
  7. We have a main running group. Sessions are varied and can typically be from 45 to 60 mins.

On a Sunday morning at around 9am, senior runners meet outside the centre & go off initially as a group for a run. Entirely informal, run at your own pace, with a partner or as a group or go it alone! Go long or short with distance…go off-road…on trails…country paths…you decide…it’s your day to enjoy!

Who best to speak to when your in the sports hall?

  • Juniors (Parents & Guardians) will be introduced to one of the junior coaching team:
  • Mark Todd Head Junior Coach, Lindsey Grant or the Club Secretary.
  • If you are new to running & can ‘run / jog / walk up to 5km’: 
  • Speak to one of the ‘beginners group’ lead runners: Les Williamson or Derek Nelson.
  • If you feel would would be better suited to the intermediate group, then have a chat with Simon Lynch. 
  • If you have been running regularly & can run 10km or more comfortably & consistently:
  • Speak to one of the ‘main squad run contacts’: Lead coaches Tom Hanson or Steve Robertson.
  • We are to help you settle in, feel welcomed & find the right group for you.
  • Benefits of joining our club? 
  • A structured club who will best fit your needs as a runner. 
  • Knowledgeable UKA qualified coaches providing structured sessions and advice.
  • A great group of friendly, hard working club runners…….just like you!
  • Promote individual entry to races, Team Relay and Track & Field competition. Participate in the hugely popular Cross Country Season here in the North East.
  • Encourage people to take part in Local, Regional and National competition.
  • Promote other aspects of sport, such as Fell & Trail Running and disciplines such as Triathlon.
  • A flourishing social side to the club: Presentation evenings, post race get togethers, annual parties for Juniors & Seniors.
  • A well-managed media platform to communicate, highlight & promote what Elswick Harriers ‘do’ as a club (Website, Facebook & Twitter)
  • A superb home and facilities here at Newburn Activity Centre.
  • Excellent running routes, right on our doorstep, here at Newburn. 
  • We provide three popular ‘open & club races’ for the running community.

So there you have it!

What are you waiting for? 

We look forward to you joining us here at Team Elswick!








Lucille Ridley


I wish to enquire as to your running club.

I’d like to learn to enjoy running to bring improved fitness but if I can shed no more than a stone and maintain the weight by running that is also my aim.

I’d put myself into a beginners bracket and wondered if this is something you would take on.
I live in Chapel Park but have a car so more than happy to travel to where your routes begin.

Can I ask where your routes are and how long they go for?
Kind regards


Hi Lucille,
Thanks for getting in touch. We cater for all abilities and have a couple of beginners groups. There is a very lovely group of women who go out and run about 4 miles on a Tuesday and often Thursday evening at a nice steady pace. I got back into running with these ladies and it was a pleasure. There is scope for progression when you are ready. Running with a group is great for motivation and the chat is one of the best things. Quite a few of our members live in the Chapel Park area too. You would be made most welcome. Hope we see you soon. Kind regards
Jill Bennett, Womens Captain.


I’m not sure if you are aware but there will be a Celebratory Event between Wylam and Newburn on 21/22 September this year to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Puffing Billy (Steam Engine). It is being organised with Beamish Museum and Community Groups in Wylam, Newburn and Lemington
Invitation to community groups
In 2013 communities along the Wylam to Lemington waggonway will be celebrating 200 years since steam locomotives were used to transport coal from Wylam colliery to Lemington staiths on the River Tyne.
These early engines were the cutting edge technology of the period. being the first commercial steam locomotives working on the adhesion principle. They helped pave the way for the future development of modern railways across the world.
‘Puffing Billy’ was one of these steam locomotives, built circa 1813 – 14, working for nearly 50 years along the waggonway. The engine survives today, almost certainly the oldest locomotive in the world and a fully operational working replica was built in Beamish and launched in 2005.
A group of interested parties has begun to meet to discuss possible events to develop a programme for a Puffing Billy Festival which will include visits to and from Beamish Museum , involve the Puffing Billy replica, community events and an attempt to replicate the steam power that travelled down the lines with pupil power that will travel along the track way from Wylam to Newburn (along its original route).
We all feel that this is a great opportunity to use this very significant anniversary to build on the many successful community events of 2012, foster cross community links and develop cross county links and are keen and excited to involve as many people and groups as possible.

We are trying to drum up support in the Newburn area and as you are now based in the Leisure Centre we would love you to be involved in some way – perhaps a run (fancy dress ???) Obviously we are open to ideas. If you are interested could you let me know and I can tell you when the next meeting is so you could come along or alternatively we could meet up to discuss any options.

Hope to hear from you

Kind Regards
Tel 07817689128


Hello Lynne,

May I first introduce myself. I’m Graham Bell, Mens Captain for Elswick harriers. I certainly had no idea of this anniversary! The clubs committee will be meeting next month and I will bring this to the attention of the committee members. I would like to think that as a club, we could do ‘something’. Now that I have your contact details Lynne, I will follow up on any outcomes from the meeting. Kind Regards, Graham Bell.

Diane Keller

I was out running this morning nearby Newburn leisure centre and along Blaney Row. It was my first run in 3 months! Some runners from Elswick harriers passed me and I just wanted to say a big thank you for the encouragement given from one of your runners. She was wearing a white running jacket and only by the colour of her hair I would say she was the eldest lady in the group. I tried to write on your Facebook page but couldn’t work out how to! Many thanks once again xxxxxx

terry fox

hello out there, im an old elswick harrier,my training partner for years was colin bolton who was also my best man, im living in christchurch dorset but would like to get intouch with some of my old pals, they only others i know on your commitee is harry mathews and mike mcleod, the ones i new were mike friend .ian pillar. peter hammell .alan johnson .jeff lewis etc;1960 through to late 70s i would like to hear from anyone who remembers myself and my wife jan who ran for the ladies best regards terry fox


Hi Terry,
really delighted to receive your message, which I have passed on to Colin and Harry. I hope you and Jan are well. Kind regards
Jill Bennett. Womens Captain.

terry fox

Thanks gill colin , harry, and martin connelly been in touch already , Thanks a lot. Terry and Jan ps Jan would like to get in touch with lorraine lee if anyone has her e mail address thanks again.

Emma Fraser

Hi guys, I started running the beginning of this year and from not being able to run very far at all I can now run 4 miles in about 40 mins. I really want to improve my times and do the gnr next year. I would love to be able to joining a club as I’m getting a bit bored running on my own and love abit of competition!! Do you have a waiting list or can I just come along to a session? Also what costs are involved? Looking forward to hearing from you, kind regards Emma Fraser.


Hi Emma, well done on your progress so far. You can certainly just come to along to a session, the only cost involved is the annual subs, but just come along for a few sessions and make sure the club is right for you before you commit to anything. If you then decide to join Frank will be able to let you know how much the subs will be for the year. Hope to see you at the club soon.

Amy Sixsmith

Hi, I’m looking to come along and join your group. I’ve been running on my own for a while now and do the Great North Run every year. I’m looking to sign up for my first marathon so looking to join the club to help me train….can I just turn up on a Tuesday or Thursday? Would I need to look out for anyone in particular? Not sure my legs will cope with tonight (unless you’re doing something very very easy!!) but could make it Thursday or next week. Thanks, Amy

Graham Bell

Hello Amy, if you have dropped into one of the club training evenings already that’s great! If not, then please do feel free to come along. We gather in the sports hall from around 7.15pm and leave the centre around 7.30pm. Just speak to anyone one of the club members who will only be too happy to direct you towards Frank Watson (club secretary) for your running requirements. We will then be able to place you in the right running group. Regards, Graham Bell (men’s Captain).

Amy Sixsmith

Hi Graham, thanks for the reply, I’ve only just noticed it now! I’m planning on coming down tomorrow night for the first time, I’m looking forward to it. See you then, Amy.

Yosef kuperman

hi i took part in the newborn run tonight and it was only my second 10k race ever and was obviously puffing away and i did take a pit stop with a drink by the bridge for about 30 second but eventually i was puffing away again but some lady about 40 or fifty years help push me along to the finish by saying come on so thank so much for the water and thank you for pushing me along maybe i will do better next year than you to the mysterious lady

graham bell

Hello Yosef… Thank you on behalf of the club for your comments……. I’m pleased you enjoyed the run and I hope you will run more local races and return to Newburn for the 2017 River Run.
Best Regards, Graham Bell, men’s Captain.

Rob Lambert

Hoping to get back to elswick harriers this Thursday after a break of many many years away,
My last training session was from Rutherford school west road . !!!!

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