Graham Bell

Hello Paul. Thank you for contacting the club with your query. For the 2018 race & its 1st year in this format: Each athlete must be placed in the right age group designation.
To give an example: In the V40 to V49 age group category: You must have 3 runners who are between the ages of 40 to 49 on the day of the race – One of which must be a female athlete who must also be between the age of 40 to 49 on the day of the race. I hope this clarifies your query Paul.

Huw Parry

Hi Graham – it might be difficult for us to get runners in exactly the correct categories. If we can’t get full teams in a particular category would it be allowable to enter a Veteran in the Seniors category (i.e. older runners in younger classifications). I wouldn’t expect such a mixed team to be allowed to win but at least I could get more runners to take part. I entered 13 teams last year and would expect to enter a similar number this year.

Graham Bell

Hello Huw. I have spoken to several people at the club and they agree that an “older athlete” can drop down into a “younger age group”. So please do feel free to enter a “mixed team”. I trust this answers your query. Best Regards,

Aaron Nicholls

Can it be entered whereby I have a team of 3, 2 of which are V40 males and the 1 female is a Senior. I am entering 9 teams and have 4 categorised teams and 5 mixed teams due to ages of people entering. Thanks, SSHAC

Graham Bell

Hello Arron. Thank you for contacting the club. Yes you can enter this ‘composite team’ but they will have to run as a senior team: The two V40 athletes in effect drop down an age group category to the seniors. I hope this answers your query. Regards, Graham Bell.

Graham Bell

Hello Nathan. Thank you for contacting the club. Unfortunately a second claim athlete would not be eligible to participate in the 2018 event. Kinds Regards, Graham Bell (I apologise if this note is a little late).

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