Last NEHL Cross Country is now back on!

Hello Team Elswick. The last NEHL Cross Country fixture which was cancelled last weekend at Alnwick – Is now back on. When? Saturday 17th March 2018.

Lets have one last push for the season finale. All together – Juniors, Seniors and Vets. A last chance to consolidate another solid season for the club in the NEHL division. Usual times apply to each event. Allow plenty of time to arrive at Alnwick, park up and walk to the venue. Pictures below taken from 2014’s season finale at Alnwick: Below: Andy Middleton & Steve Curry, Juniors leading & a group photo of some of the ladies running that day.

Andy & Steve all smiles after receiving 8 out of 10 on qu’s on Alnwick Castle!
Junior Team Elswick leading a pack!

Kim, Michelle, Marie, Janice and Jill - Before MUD!!!

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