The 2018 Speyside Single Malt Marathon: Dinnae Bottle It!

Hello Team Elswick. We have received a notification of a different kind of marathon and one which may appeal to runners of the club….So if you fancy doing something just a little different then what about the Dramathon? Last year the event had 800 runners with the finishers almost equally split between ladies and gents. The run links up a number of distilleries and runners collect the corresponding malt miniatures at the end. Event organisers, Jon, Ian & Paul have forwarded on to the club some information >  Over to you Team Elswick!………. Dinnae Bottle It!

A last reminder to presentation evening guests: Doors open at 7 pm. Quiz & Raffle first. Results of the quiz & raffle winners at 8 pm ish! Next the presentations. Junior coach speech & awards first up. Next: Time to say thank you. Then the senior & vet awards. To finish: buffet, ice cream & drinks. See you all there 🙂

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