On your marks….Get set….Summer Parlaufs….Go!

Words on the Parlauf evening by Ladies Captain, Lalage Brown. Enjoy the read: On Thursday the 27th of July the club held its first ever Summer Parlaaf’s , at least what I am aware of. This event is usually held on Boxing Day and I would encourage all to attend ‘the real Parlaufs’as quoted by Jim Scott.
Get Set GO!!

It was with some trepidation that I agreed to coordinate such an event as really I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! However there is a wealth of experience at Elswick so I used my contacts, duly calling on words of wisdom from Frank Watson, Jim Scott and Ken Heslop. Gentlemen, Iam truly grateful.
With extra help called by my dear trusty friends, Kim & Harry Matthews, Mel Reed, Lindsay Grant and Joanne Lucking we were all prepared. Special thanks to Michelle Coleman who sourced all the prizes before gong off to turn herself into a Beech Goddess in Majorca. Thirty Eight individual athletes signed up on the night and there was some fantastic banter from the start making it hard for the organisers to hear names being called. As so many entered we ran two races to make the event manageable. It was great watching on the lines the competitiveness of all individuals, some realising early on the need to pace themselves. More photos from the evening below.
Race One:
1st Keiran Dixon
Matthew Grant
2nd Elaine Henderson
Hannah Tumia
3rd Kerran Simpson
Peter Sloan
Race 2
1st Joe Connor
Omar Tumia
2nd Claire Tumia
Daniel Nettle
3rd Michael Clegg
Robert Lambert.

After the races we all headed upstairs for a social gathering, enjoying a wide range of food contributed by all athletes, helpers and supporters.A great atmosphere was achieved by holding the very unique event of a Bread raffle , our thanks to Warburton’s who supplied the bread. All in all a very successful event and my thanks to all who helped and to our resident photographer Rob Wilson.

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