Senior Training w/c 12th June / River Run Helpers Note.

From Tom Hanson: Kindly note: This Tuesday will see the start of extending the sessions (for those who can only get there for 7.30pm). So, leaving the centre at 7.15pm & heading towards the pylon on the river side of the footpath ONE. Pylon Location. Session: 3 x 1 mile, with 2 min recovery. For runners getting there late we will be extending the number of miles up to 5 if required.

Thursday: Station Bank session. Leave the centre at 7.15pm. ‘Blaney Row warm up’ & continue to head out along the cinder path. Turn right at the 1st “farmers gate”. Meet at bottom of the hill – opposite the houses on the left. Session: 3 x long hill (and 5 x 3 mins). The long reps can be extended to 4 to let late arrivals catch up on their training.

RIVER RUN helpers & marshals – unless you have been contacted by the club directly then:

please all meet in the crèche room at the centre for 6.15pm. Thank you.

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