A busy running and “baby” weekend!

Elswick Harriers at Kielder, October 2013

Hello Team Elswick. Your times & photos on a busy running weekend are in. Ex-Elswick Harrier Ceri Rees won Sunday’s Kielder Marathon! And theres sooooooo much more! We start with Steve Robertson, running the Cumbrian Half Marathon. Steve ran a course personal best to finish 20th overall with a time of  1.24.18, a great run off the back of his recent 1.22 at the GNR. Well done wor Steve.

Travelling South and down at the MBNA Chester Marathon, Andrea Banner was 12th F40 in 3.22.44. Emma Turnbull was 41st F40 in 3.56.35. Well done ladies, two great results! Mark Turnbull produced another very consistent time of 2.52.42 finishing 3rd V45 and 40th overall. Andy Middleton in his 4th marthon I believe, was home in 3.50.45 finishing in 1049th overall. Another two great runs, on what turned out to be a warm day in Chester and on a course that has a few naughty inclines thrown in for good measure!

Undulations & warm weather awaited Team Elswick at Kileder. Up first was the 10km run, where Martin Crowe and fellow harriers stopped the clock in 42.09 (1st V50!) Mary Lisle 47.52 (10th overall senior female) Denise Huddleston 50.26 (2nd F40!) Krystal White 1.02.20 (344th overall) Anthony Benyon 42.49 (16th overall finisher).  Les Williamson (2nd V60!) 57.15. Mel Reed (12th V50!) 52.22 Katy Goulding (118th female finisher) 1.02.19. Joanne Lucking (6th F40) 52.29. Laura Carrick (29th female finisher) 52.54. Marie Drozodwicz (3rd V50!) 48.00 A great run. Rachel Turnbull 57.25. Well Done! Gary Corkhill ran, but I just cannot find his time. Well done to you all. In future folks, on all entry forms say you are an Elswick Harrier, we sometimes can’t find you in results pages otherwise 🙂

Kevin Stephenson, returning back to something like his old competitve self, competed in the 42km Duathlon (11km-Run, 31km -Bike, 6km-Run) A finishing time of 2.13.48 returned wor Kevin in 1st V40 and 8th overall. Well done sunna!

Two hours in ands still going its Kev!

At Kielder on Sunday it was the turn of the Marathoners. Ex-Elswick Harrier and 2nd time winner of the marathon was Ceri Rees in a time of 2.43.55.

Ex Elswick Harrier Ceri Rees on his way to Victory no.2

Elswick’s Fiona Marley Patterson crossed the finish line in 4.19.47. Ian McDonald home in 4.25.55 and Paul Robinson home in 4.33.53. Congratulations to these Harriers! Sue Wilson running her 13th marathon came home in 4.35. As Lalage Brown says: ” Another great inspirational runner for many women of Elswick”.

Also out in the wilds our XC specialist Phil Sanderson was 3rd in Derwentside A.C.s Hell Hole Race! A gutsy run by the flying Phil!

When the going gets tough….Phil gets going!

I’m sure there were a few more out competing. Anymore, just let me know and I will update the write up. A busy and tough weekend for some of our runners: so the next time you see them, congratluate them!

And to round off the weekend with yet more good news, Justina Heslop gave birth to a baby girl, Rosa Lulit, (8lb 12oz). We believe mum and baby are doing well. Cheers, GB.


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