Juniors Report – success at the weekend!

NEYDL INTER COUNTIES 01/09/19. On Sunday, some of our Juniors took the trip to the Dorothy Hyman Stadium, Barnsley to compete for the North East team in the NEYDL match against Yorkshire. Competitors were picked to represent the North East by NEYDL based on placing in the top 3 of the athletic rankings for their event over the season.
Success and teamwork aplenty, our 3 selected Juniors were instrumental in steering the North East team to victory and bringing the Winners’ Shield back up the A1.
In the 800m, Poppy Old and Poppy Wilde medalled, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Aaron Ickwue had a very strong race in the Boys 150m and to assist the team, used his speed to great effect in the 80m and the 4x100m. Well done!

All our Juniors who took part in NEYDL this year did so well and now as we move into September, we have our first Cross Country fixture this month (my favourite, Wrekenton) – so get ready to go again!

NORTHEASTERN RELAYS 31/08/19 – it was also very pleasing to see the continuing successful move up for Hannah Tumia and Suzy Fielding into the Senior ranks, running in the Womens relay team on Saturday and medalling in third place overall in the Northeasterns.

Rob Emson.
Junior Coaches.

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