Summer 5K handicap race

This Tuesday’s senior training session took the form of a 5k handicap race, kindly organised by our head coach Tom Hanson.  In advance of the race, runners submitted their names so that Tom could allocate handicap start times.  For those unfamiliar with handicap races, essentially everyone’s start time is based upon their estimated finish time.  Slowest runners set off first with all other runners setting off in accordance with their estimated times with a view to all competitors completing the 5k distance very close together.

As Tom observes the senior runners training week in, week out, he is pretty accurate at providing the correct handicap start times to achieve a very close finish, meaning anyone from the slowest to the fastest runner has a good chance of winning.  On this occasion, Tracy finished in first place, followed by Peter Jobson and Peter Taylor.  

It was a lovely sunny evening, albeit a bit windy on the return leg, so conditions were pleasant.  The race began along the riverside path adjacent to One North East business park, following the course of the river, then exiting the business park towards B&Q, with a sharp double back at the end of the pedestrian path, retracing the course back to the start at the “crescent” of trees, where a race funnel awaited.  

For those unfamiliar with our internal timed runs, you can be assured that the course is well marked and/or marshalled.  Hi viz arrows pointed the way along the course, Jonny Lowes was present at the half way point (bollards opposite B&Q) to shout out times and general encouragement.  Ian assisted Tom with recording finish times and Christine Lee did a grand job recording each runner’s number as they entered the finishing funnel.  There was a good range of runners amongst the 26 attendees as you will see from the list of finishing times and positions below.  

Keep an eye out for the next internal timed race event, which is likely to be on 27 August, the only date that will fit with the busy calendar of races.  It will be another handicap race, this time the 6 mile river route.  So for those of you who missed out on competing in our June River Run because you were marshalling or helping in some other capacity, here’s your chance to have a go at this race route.  

Many thanks to Tom for the organisation of this handicap race and to Ian, Christine and Jonny for their assistance in supporting the runners and recording the results.  Another great team effort.

Elswick Summer 5k Results



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