Clive Cookson 10K – 15 May 2019 – Club Championship race no.3

A spectacular turnout by the Elswick crew at the Clive Cookson 10k with 40 runners meaning that almost one in ten of the competitors were wearing an Elswick vest! Thanks to everyone for turning out and supporting a great local event as well as our very own club championship organised by Noel Stoddart.

With so many runners it’ll be tough to cover every performance, but here are some highlights.  There were plenty of PBs on the night, not least John Ryan, knocking 20 minutes off his previous best time.  Owing to the generosity and foresight of Laura Clegg (currently suffering from planta fasciitis), her spare number was legitimately transferred to Irene Henderson who managed to finish in second place in the over 65 category (having won this category last year).  Yvonne Swinhoe achieved second place in the over 60 category.  Unfortunately, there weren’t prizes for these two placings.

As for prize winnings, there was quite a haul for team Elswick.  The men claimed third team prize, with our first four men consisting of Andrew Bell (12th overall in 35.20), Paul Turner (15th in 35.39), Andrew Ball (16th in 35.49) and Jason Old (34th in 37.16).   There were three gold place finishes for Peter Sloan in the V60 category, Mark Turnbull in the V50 category and Paul Turner in the V45 category.  Jason Old gained second place in the V45 category.

The women did just as well with a third place finish for the team consisting of Amy Fuller (a PB of 40.26, 6th senior lady), Cath Lowes, Joanne Brown and Andrea Banner.  As for individual prizes, Susanne Stephenson claimed first place in the V50 category and Joanne Brown won first place in the V45 category, followed by Andrea Banner in second place.

Perhaps we’re just too modest, but it appears that no-one was around to collect their prizes at the presentation.  Senior coach Tom Hanson was there to collect the prizes.  On the ninth occasion of going to the front of the presentation to collect Elswick prizes, he was understandably feeling a  wee bit embarrassed.  In future, can members of Elswick remain present for the presentation – it’s quite a key part of the overall organisation of an event, which North Shields Poly had gone to great effort to ensure took place very soon after the race had finished.  We would hope that runners at our own events would have the courtesy to attend our presentations so we should show the same courtesy to our fellow clubs.

So for the prize winners mentioned above, please see Tom who will be at training each Tuesday and Thursday.  Many thanks Tom.

Thanks too go to Steve and Jake Robertson who spectated and shouted out support throughout the race.  Steve has posted a great collection of photos on the Elswick Facebook page.  The majority of the Elswick runners are captured on the picture above, many sporting their race t-shirt.  For completeness, here’s the full list of Elswick runners: Andrew Bell, Paul Turner, Andrew Ball, Jason Old, Luke Hilliard, Mark Turnbull, Richard Houghton, Mike Russell, Amy Fuller, Chris Pearce, Lee Coulson, Peter Sloan, Cath Lowes, Joanne Brown,  Michael Clegg, Andrea Banner,  Carl Marshall, Amy Heptinstall, Robert Lambert, Susanne Stephenson, Charlotte Baston, Jennifer Scarlett,  Arabella Arnott/Pearce, Phil Baston, Richard Hudson, Robyn Newlands, Robert Wilson, Yvonne Swinhoe, Tom Hanson, John Ryan, Hannah Marshall, Stevie Curry, Melissa Bateson, Daniel Nettle, Nigel Hollier, Aidan Cairns, Chris Hull, Jackie Avery, Kay Thompson, Irene Henderson.

Full results can be found at

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