Juniors Report from Alnwick XC – grand finale to a fantastic season for our Juniors !

The last cross country of the NEHL season took place at the pastures at Alnwick on the 2nd of March 2019. On what is probably the most scenic course of the series, the weather was reasonably kind with the wind starting to pick up for the later races.
Results as follows.
Under 11 Girls 1st Poppy Wilde 4.15-12th Erin Blight 4.45-13th Louisa Hamilton 4.45-20th Charlotte Naughton 4.59-28th Zoe Fielding 5.12-29th Lola Wood 5.14-31st Jessica Robinson 5.19-49th Hannah Waterhouse 5.49-55th Keira Bairstow 6.14.
Under 11 Boys 7th Liam Coulson 4.21 -9th Jake Stroud 4.28.
Under 13 Girls 3rd Bella Russell 15.30-39th Caitlin Flanagan 15.27(fast pack) 42nd Ellie Winter 17.14-58th Lauren Stroud 16.25(fast pack)62nd Sophie Henderson-16.45(fast pack)63rd Katy Bullock 18.30-71st Jayden Morton 20.25.6th team.
Under 13 Boys 34th William Butterworth 14.31(fast pack) 45th Henry Young 15.10(fast pack)46th Charles Mason 15.12 (fast pack)49th Adam Robinson 15.20(fast pack)56th Bailey Shore 18.01. 11th team.
Under 15 Girls 40th Aimee Bairstow 16.42- 42nd Charley Lee 15.10(fast-pack) 50th Grace Ogilvie 17.34- 62nd Maelona Redhead 20.43. 9th team.
Under 15 Boys 28th Zac Old 12.51(fast pack) 51st Will Brown 17.09.
Under 17 Girls 17th Suzy Fielding 17.17(fast pack) 18th Hannah Tumia 17.19(fast pack) 22nd Kerry-Anne Simpson 19.58- 26th Marissa O’Rourke 21.22 .4th team.
Under 17 Boys 27th Chris Mason 15.28- 30th Jamie Styles 15.45 both from the fast pack.
Thanks to all NEHL officials for putting on a great season. Elswick Juniors have had a total of 52 athletes representing us some did one race and quite a few did them all. We don’t normally single out juniors however a special mention to Poppy Wilde who has been 1st in every race well done to her and everybody who has competed.Thanks to all the seniors who have brought the Elswick tent throughout the season.

Jan and Ken

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