Good Luck to Scott Brady and Richard Houghton.

Just a note to say ‘safe journey & have a great race in Tokyo’. Elswick’s Scott Brady and Richard Houghton (pictured below left). They are both to run the Tokyo Marathon on Monday 3rd March. No doubt personal goals will be achieved. They and family members are flying out today (Mon 25th Feb).

When Richard crosses the finish line he will achieve ‘World Marathon Majors Status’. To qualify you have to finish each of the ‘majors’ – They are: London, Boston, Berlin, Chicago, New York and Tokyo. For members new to the club, beginning their Elswick running, I point out that Richard’s first marathon in 2014, as a new member to the club was a 3.53. On Monday Richard will be doing his utmost to go sub 2.50. 

Scotts first marathon in 2015 was a 3.57 in Kielder. In 2018 he ran a 2.58 in Berlin. No doubt too Scott will aim for a sub 2.50. He’s in good form having just pb’d on Sunday in a 10 km. Elswick’s motto of Committed, Determined, Passionate, sums up nicely what Richard and Scott are both about when they both pull on the ‘The Red Vest.’ Very Best of Running Luck 🙂 to both Elswick Athletes.    Cheers, GB


Thank you, very kind words, we will both do our best when its comes to race day as always. I wish the race was this coming Monday as Scott and I are in great shape however we have to taper for another week(doh) as race day is Sunday 3rd March.

Scott Brady

Thanks very much GB and Harry, I won’t be going quite that fast but hopefully will have a good outing in what should be a great experience taking the vest on tour – Then six weeks to recover for Boston!

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