Malaga Marathon – 9th December 2018

Rob Lambert’s Event Report

Hello there having been fried at the London marathon,  i got my eye on the Malaga marathon Dec 9th.  I decided to give the marathon distance 1 last bash after the heat of Brighton and London.

Entry paid €40 which at the time was £34 Very cheap for a city centre race .

Easyjet flights £40 each , accommodation booked in torremolinos cheap as out of season. 5 nights £200 worked out as about £65 per person.

Thursday evening flight no problems at all .

Friday awake to cloudy cool day marathon registration starts 3pm Sun breaks through 12 pm pleasantly warm .

Registration takes place in a building similar to metro arena Newcastle. Very easy show your passport your then given a goody bag Tec shirt inside and bizarrely a carton of chicken soup .

Saturday awake to cloudless blue sky 21° lay around on the beach !!! Totally unexpected elected to have beech massage as been having problems last 3 weeks of training,  Michael Clegg has now arrived in Malaga,  he is having a knee problem .

Sunday race day get 6.30 am bus to Malaga as it’s 8.30am start the bus is half full of Saturday night revellers!! .

Bus station is very close to start excellent stuff . Bag drop is a underground car park secure staff watching over bags no problems there .

Race starts bang on 8.30 numbers go up to 5000 .

Crowds at the start then quickly thin out after about 1 mile as it’s 5000 you can quickly get into your rhythm the only problem is some are doing the half marathon so beware who you stick with pace wise , I haven’t managed to locate Michael at start but catch site of him after 10k ahead of me . After about 20k realise I’m now alongside Michael unfortunately he’s struggling with his knee , found out later Michael had to retire out of race a wise decision.

Second half of race sends you out to athletics stadium and your directed in to do 3/4 of a lap a very nice touch then you run to football stadium of Malaga fc and then directed down to city centre last 5k crowds picking up as you approach historic cathedral and Picasso’s museum , then the best bit you have 1 mile to go and your directed down the centre of larios st a major pedestrianised shopping st Spanish shouting venga vamos all of a sudden a guy shouts keep gannin mate gives me my last bit of help to the finish 3Hours and 58 mins 47 secs.

I would recommend the half marathon or marathon to anyone that wants a Dec weekend away .


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