NEHL Junior Report Gosforth Park

The third NEHL took place at a cold and blustery Gosforth Park it could have been much worse. A thank you to Gosforth/Heaton and Tyne-bridge harriers for setting up the course in awful conditions.
The Elswick juniors results are as follows –

U/11 Boys 8th Jake Stroud 5.45 – 31st Ethan Housego 6.21.
U/11 Girls 1st Poppy Wilde 5.30 – 15th Louisa Hamilton 6.25 – 25th Sydney Bungay 6.42 – 30th Lola wood 6.49 – 31st Jessica Robinson 6.49 – 33rd Hannah Waterhouse 6.52 – 41st Evie Reed 7.38 – 50th Keira Bairstow 8.09.
U/13 Boys 13th Adam Robinson 14.20 – 25th William Butterworth 13.10 – (fast pack) 34th Jake Robertson 13.48(fast pack)  53rd Elliot Kelso 15.41 – 55th Charles Mason 14.03(fast pack) 58th Henry Young 14.14(fast pack) 59th Bailey Shore 16.03. 5th Team.
U/13 Girls 16th Caitlin Flanagan 13.55(fast pack) 20th Lucy Milburn 14.13 (fast pack) 35th Imogen Bungay 14.38 (fast pack) 42nd Katy Bullock 16.44 –  49th Sophie Henderson 15.19 (fast pack)  51st Lauren Stroud 15.27(fast pack) 67th Jayden Morton 20.31.5th Team.
U/15 Boys 17th Kieran Dixon 13.52 – 20th Zac Old 12.00 (fast pack) 50th Will Brown 17.49 – 52nd Connor Shore 19.37 6th Team.
U/15 Girls 34th Aimee Bairstow 15.57- 41st Charley Lee 14.38(fast pack) 45th Grace Ogilvie 16.49. 10th Team.
U/17 Boys 33rd Chris Mason (fast pack)
U/17/20 Girls 6th Suzannah Fielding 19.39 (medium pack) 15th Hannah Tumia 20.07(medium pack) 27th Kerry-Anne Simpson 22.46 – 38th Marissa O’Rourke 25.35. 5th Team.

Great to see so many turning out well done to everyone. Next NEHL is 17th November Aykley Heads hope to see as many out as possible as the club championships are all up for grabs.
Thank you to Rob Wilson who kindly brought the club tent.
Cheers Jan&ken

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