North East Harrier League Cross Country Season Opener at Wrekenton & This week’s Senior Training Sessions.

And so begins the NEHL Cross Country for the 2018 / 2019 Season. Junior report by Jan & Ken Heslop.

On a lovely Autumn day the first NEHL took place at Wrekenton. It was quite a hectic half hour giving out numbers but with Claire’s help it went smoothly. A special thank you to Rob who brought the tent made some brownies and warmed the Juniors up then had to do his own race. Results as follows first race Under 11 Boys- 2nd Sam Allison 6.04, 15th Jake Stroud 6.35(who took a nasty tumble at the start) 81st Joseph Bampton 8.28. Under  11 Girls- 1st Poppy Wilde 6.11, 11th Erin Blight 7.01, 13th Charlotte Naughton 7.04, 14th Louisa Hamilton 7.07, 31st Lola Wood 7.34, 32nd Evie Reed 7.34, 36th Sydney Bungay 7.45, 42nd Hannah Waterhouse 8.06, 54th Jessica Robinson 8.40,56th Kiera Bairstow 8.46. Under 13 Boys- 16th Henry Young 9.50,27th Charles Mason 10.04 46th Adam Robinson 10.32, 51st William Butterworth (fast pack) 9.02.57th Bailey Shore 10.51, 7th Team. Under 13 Girls -3rd Poppy Old 10.16, 5th Lucy Milburn 10.41, 12th Imogen Bungay 10.59, 15th Sophie Henderson 11.18, 16th Bella Russell 11.19, 33rd Caitlin Flanagan 10.21(fast pack) 41st Ellie Winter 12.17, 52nd Lauren Stroud 11.10(fast pack)64th Jayden Morton 14.28, 2nd 5th&15th Teams. 

Under 15 Boys- 3rd Zac Old 8.43, 61st Will Brown correct time 13.26 by mistake ran out of fast pack as it was his first race. Under 15 Girls- 40th Aimee Bairstow 11.55, 45th Emily Allison 10.29(fast pack)49th Charley Lee 10.50 (fast pack)52nd Lucy Dickson 12.52, 56th Maelona Redhead 14.39 9th Team. Under 17 Boys- 27th Jamie Styles 18.48, 30th Chris Mason 20.44 both running from the fast pack. Under 17/20 -5th Hannah Tumia 20.55, 34th Kerry-Anne Simpson 24.41. Fantastic turnout no less than 38 Juniors well done full credit to the athletics and coaches. We hope to see as many athletes as possible at the next venue at Druridge Bay. Don’t forget: To be in with a chance for the club championship you have to do at least three races. Well done everyone!

Mens & Womens Race summary: Next up was the women’s race…… and a very good day for the ladies team. They were placed first in their division (2) collecting 34 points from the four counting athletes. Very well done ladies. The men’s race saw a welcome return to Elswick’s Mark McLeod who made up one of the six counting runners for Elswick who are also in Division 2. Another good team display by the men. They were 5th placed team with 212 pts.

A reminder to say: The seniors & Vets club championship: The first three NEHL events are the qualifying races for the stand alone club championship: Be in it to win it!

The Cross Country train arrives at Druridge Bay this Sunday. Well done everyone: Let’s see more Elswick Athletes out on Sunday!

Senior Training: Tuesday: 2 x 2 miles starting at the bus stop at One North East, running up to B & Q and back. Thursday 4 x 2 mins /  5 Short hills /  4 x 1 min at Warburtons.

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