Important News. GNR 2018 / AGM notification / Winter & Night Running Safety / Harrier League fixture changes.

 The very best of luck to all of Team Elswicks 2018 Great North Run Participants.

Have a great race!

SAVE THIS DATE: Friday 2nd November 2018. The club will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM). It will take place in the ground floor meeting room at 7.30pm and usually lasts around 45 mins to an hour. Members of the club are cordially invited. The meeting will be of particular importance this year because:

Three key people are to stand down come the AGM. The club Chairman, Steve Robertson, The club Secretary, Tom Hanson and Peter Sloan, The club Treasurer. They have given their reasons and as touched upon at this year’s presentation in March, we thank again Steve, Tom & Peter for their time given in their respective roles.

The club now needs to fill these roles to carry on their invaluable work and ensure that the club continues to develop from strength to strength. The roles and responsibilities for each position are very important as they allow the club to administer the club accordingly and meet its obligations.

If you think you can make a valued contribution to Elswick Harriers, then please do get in touch before the AGM takes place and have an informal talk with either Steve, Tom or Peter. They are best placed to tell you what is involved and what would be expected of you. In addition, an election sheet will be placed on the club’s sports hall noticeboard in the coming weeks. The committee members recognise the importance of this year’s AGM: Club members should have the same outlook and should make the time available and take the opportunity to attend. Remember Team Elswick, this is your club. IT MATTERS.

Taking part in autumn & winter club training sessions:

As a responsible member runner you will be expected to wear High Visibility Apparel.

Kindly note: The coach has the option to turn you away if you are not suitably dressed with respect to high visibility apparel.

Now the nights are becoming darker, all club members should NOW consider the following:

Wear reflective / high visibility / brightly coloured kit (it is available at good sports retail outlets).

When ever possible run in well-lit areas. Consider running with a head torch or hand held torch.

Try and run with someone else or run with others in a group. 

Be aware of your surroundings. Consider taking your mobile phone (more so if you decide to run a long mileage run).

If you are running alone tell someone your intended route and estimated return time.

As temperatures drop (and they will!) ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing & footwear.

More information can be found on the club’s website under Welfare / Well-being > click down for The Run Safely info page. Thank you.


The Sherman Cup has been moved from 27th October to 5th January. Venue etc remains at Temple Park. 

Gosforth Park Racecourse has been announced as a new venue for a Harrier League fixture on 27th October.

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