Research Study Program Invitation

The club has been contacted by Dr. Dan Peart, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Program Leader Applied Sport and Exercise Science, Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences at Northumbria University. 

They are running a research study investigating the effects of training and diet on the types of bacteria living in the gut, and the impact this has on nutrients released into the blood. For this we are looking to recruit twenty regular marathon runners. The purpose of this message is to ask the club’s permission to advertise the study to your members. There is a more detailed participant information sheet that we can forward on, but in brief, each participant will be asked to complete a 5-day food diary and provide a blood, urine and stool sample. We would be able to offer a laboratory fitness test free of charge to compensate for each volunteer’s time.

If your are interested in taking part then please get in touch with Dan: Tel: 0191 227 3712 or email:

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