Club Championship Event 2: The Terry O Gara 5km. Sunday 22nd April 2018.

Congratulations to the 19 Elswick athletes who competed in the second round of this year’s club championship. Some really good performances in there, with age group wins. Well done to you all. The next race is the popular Clive Cookson 10 km road race, hosted by North Shields Poly running club. £13 to enter via the Run Britain website (or visit The race will take place on Wednesday 23rd May at 7.15 pm. Get those entries in Team Elswick! Championship points table update will follow………..

Chip time Participant Category Pace
17:05 Rowan Bennett (M) Junior 3:25 min/km
17:50 Scott Brady MS 3:34 min/km
18:07 Lee Bennett MV40 3:37 min/km
18:07 Robyn Bennett FS 3:37 min/km
18:50 Dean Pepperell MS 3:46 min/km
20:35 Catherine Lee FS 4:07 min/km
20:44 Mark Mcnally MV70 4:09 min/km
20:46 Peter Sloan MV60 4:10 min/km
20:58 Lee Coulson MV40 4:12 min/km
21:07 Daniel Nettle MV40 4:14 min/km
21:09 Joanne Brown FV45 4:14 min/km
21:13 Jennifer Scarlett FS 4:15 min/km
21:25 Lindsey Grant FV45 4:17 min/km
22:05 Vicki Mcphee FV45 4:25 min/km
22:40 Harry Matthews MV70 4:32 min/km
23:18 Robert Wilson MV50 4:41 min/km
23:59 Kim Matthews FV55 4:48 min/km
24:45 Melissa Bateson FV45 4:57 min/km
23.47 Steve Curry MV50 4.46min/km

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