Senior training for the weeks ahead. Important.

Note from the coaching team: please read and take note team Elswick. Thank you. Tom Hanson is taking names now for the scheduled 5 km handicap. If you place your name on Facebook, still inform Tom.

9 July Tuesday  30 mins of mile reps based from the seat at the start of the track.

11 July Thursday is circuits followed by 400/800/1200/800/400 on the field.

16/July  5 km Handicap starting at the crescent.

18 July  Two sets of 4 x 800 m: With 1 min rest between 400’s and 4 min recovery between sets.

23 July   3 x station bank or 6 x Half way.

25 July  Circuits  followed by 5 x 3 mins with 1 min recovery on field.

30th Club 5 km based at the centre: ( Runners can try on new shoes! (adidas have been invited down to the club and members can look to try out new trainers).