Vale of York 10 mile. 14.04.19

Yet again, another 5:30 alarm on a Sunday morning and trying to eat porridge before heading out the door to meet Yam and travel down the A1!  This time to a race I have never done, but being unable to do Thirsk 10 mile or Blyth 10k, due to rugby and swimming activities, I was in need of a longer race.  With a tempting 9:30 start, meaning I would be back earlier, the Vale of York 10mile seemed like the perfect choice!  We watched the temperature drop as we drove down the A1 and the wind slowly pick up. 

Confirmed by the fact that between arriving at the start and actually starting the race, the windsocks on the airfield were certainly more active.  Having decided to race in just a vest (a new one and only my 2nd since joining the club in 1991 – thanks for that Andrea) and gloves, we braved the cold on the start line.  Then we were off. 

Thankfully the dog leg in this race was right at the start, up and down a strip of the airfield.  At least it meant that before we left the airfield we were down to 8 and a bit miles to go.  The rest of the race passed in a blur of breezy sections, and not so breezy sections.  I couldn’t tell you where the race went, just that it went up and down and round and round!  No squashed frogs this time.  Counting the miles down, I realised that the last mile and a bit was coming back along the same road we went out on.  Not that it made the finish come any quicker………..

I had someone shout and tell me I was first woman and just to hold it together – great advice and I did try.  With the airfield in sight, I had someone shout that I was ‘first at the moment’.  That got me thinking – what was I going to do.  My legs were tired and hurting, but I knew (as does anyone else who is near me at the end of a race) I have no sprint finish and if I was caught on the run in I didn’t have a chance.  

I wasn’t prepared to let it go easily so I did try to pick the pace up, but probably just pulled a few more funny faces!  I managed to hold on to the finish, although the 1st 3 women all finished within 30 seconds of each other.  Those finishing 2nd and 3rd achieving massive PBs.  Well done to both of you.  At the finish – no time to hang about as it was so cold.  It was clothes on and try to get warm.  Then the journey back up the A1.

It was nice to do a new race and it is advertised as PB course.  The 1st man finished in 53:47 – he must have thought I stopped for a picnic and cup of tea!  And its one that I would go back and do. 

Next race – Good Friday relays – hmmmmmm, I’m not expecting a fast time from me with Sunday in my legs.  Just getting my excuses in early!!!!

See you all Friday

Jude Nutt