2019 Club Championship & The ‘Mad March Mare’

Hello Team Elswick. Just a reminder that the first race of the 2019 Club Championship takes place THIS SATURDAY AT EXHIBITION PARK: NEWCASTLE’S 5 km Park Run. Free to enter and an excellent to introduction for ALL Club Members into the Championship fold. Points and bonus points are on offer, so a lot to aim for 🙂 If you have not already registered, please visit www.parkrun.org.uk

Lets see a grand turnout for the run. 

Please find enclosed Debbs Wilmot’s Mad March Mare event report > MAD MARCH MARE 2019

Judith Nutt – Snake Lane 10 Miler

Elswick’s Jude Nutt (right) and Ex-Elswick Yam Thiru (left)

Not everyone will know Jude Nutt as she is not able to come to training during the week. She has been a member of the club since her childhood; she enjoyed much success as a youngster and continues to compete at a very high level. Now 41, Jude churns out sub 40 minute 10K times and sub 1 hour 25 half marathon times. She is also known to win some extremely competitive races such as the Redcar Half Marathon. As well has her solo success she is a great contributor to our cross country team, running superbly from the fast pack and achieving finishes in the top 10%, which means she will retain her fast pack status into 2019/20.

Jude scribed a report of her Snake Lane 10 mile race which unfortunately got lost in cyber space. However, it has been recovered and is presented to you below. Sorry for the belatedness.

Snake Lane 10 mile race, 24 February 2019, Pocklington, near York

The day started at 0530 as the alarm went off, and I’m sure like everyone else with early morning race starts, the first thought is ‘Why am I doing this?’. Not to worry – this is what I had been training for and I’d best just get on with it. Porridge eaten, kit on, and creeping out the house for 0600, hopefully without having woken anyone else up! Slight diversion for a stop in Newcastle to meet up with a great friend and former Elswick harrier Yam Thiru, and we were on the way.

The fog all the way down the A19 didn’t seem to disperse and was still there as we headed out of York for the final stretch to Pocklington. Discussions turned to whether we would race in gloves. Car park found – gloves decided on, we headed for the rugby club. The route from the car park took us past the finish line and past the church, which you can see for ages on your final run in to the finish and it never seems to get any closer.

Once at the rugby club it was time to join the queues for the loos and my standard pre-race sick feeling. Heading out for a warm up we were met by bright sunshine and no fog – a quick turnaround to put gloves away. How the weather had changed in 45 minutes! Then before we knew it we were being called for the 10-minute walk to the start. Once there, race plans discussed meeting point established we went our separate ways. We have both done the race several times so knew what to expect, however thankfully this year there was no wind as there was in 2017 when the last 5 miles was all into the wind.

The weather was certainly in our favour this year – and no gloves was definitely the right decision! Right, we were off. As we passed the first mile mark I asked those around me roughly what pace we were – I don’t tend to wear a watch when racing as I find it becomes a distraction! Pace wasn’t bad, so settled into my running. The miles clicked by, then I found myself looking at all the squashed frogs on the road and wondering whether they were squashed by vehicles or whether it was runners who had squashed them…………can anyone see that I was having my bad patch and not really concentrating! Right – mind refocussed, main road joined, two and a bit miles left to go. Then the final pull up just before the nine mile mark. Then the church tower – and as mentioned earlier it didn’t seem to come any closer. Then just before the final tight bend I heard the clock strike the hour. I had the silly thought then that I might be finishing very close to the hour – hopes raised, I tried to pick my pace up for the final 100m, but I’m sure I just huffed and puffed a bit louder. Then through the finish line and a quick look at the clock gave me a rough finishing time.

The water at the end was gratefully received and drank pretty quick. A collection of my goody bag, with a snake lane t-shirt, then back onto the course to cheer Yam into the finish. Heading back to the rugby club for a warm down, cups of tea and cake we both reflected over our races and snake lane races in previous years. I couldn’t help thinking that in previous years I would be sitting with a pint and cake – and now the last thing I fancied was a pint – must be my age! Prize collected, and the fastest 10 mile that I’d ran since 2008 in the bag – we headed home. Great race organisation and a good course does make this race one of my favourites having ran it in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2017. A well deserved easy week this week, then back to training for my next 10 miler in April.

Jude Nutt

Modest as ever, Jude failed to mention her finishing time and position. I can report that she finished in 1:02:58, second woman and first V40 woman. We are very much looking forward to seeing Jude run at the Good Friday Relays – give her a cheer.