News for Club Members. Thursday 29th Nov.

Hello Team Elswick. Just a note to say that one of the club’s training areas, Warburton’s Ind. Estate is not adequately lit, with estate lights not working. 

We suggest to all of our runners, to avoid running on in this area. It is a live road used by vehicles.

If you HAVE to run alone: Wear hi-viz clothing, use a head or hand held torch. Tell someone where you are going, how long you will be and take a phone with you.

Group running is tentatively suggested. We politely ask you to adopt the same ‘clothing, tell someone / phone and been seen‘ principles outlined above.

Better still, plan an alternative route that is well lit (using a public footpath) instead.

We will let you know when the issues along on the estate have been rectified. Thank you 🙂