Training for Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th July

Hi all,

For anyone who is not planning on watching the World Cup this week we will be doing the following sessions……

Tuesday: Blaney Row 5km. This is a continuous session where you run a loop along Blaney Row where you’ll return to the bottom of the hill. You’ll then continue straight through to do 5 x short hills then finish with a final Blaney Row loop

Thursday: 5 x 1 min, 5 x short hills, 5 x 1 min. Held at Warburtons

There is also a track meeting at Whitley Bay this Sunday. It’s a great opportunity to have a go at track running, jumping over stuff, throwing long pointy sticks or lobbing a heavy metal ball up a field! If you require further information then please see Catherine Lee who can give you more details of the events available and their start times