2018 Coastal Run

Sunday gone saw Alnwick Harriers host one of Britain’s most scenic run routes: The Beadnell to Alnmouth Coastal run. With all the superb weather of late, runners and spectators were probably expecting a scorcher of a day…….As far as the weather was concerned it was rather a dull one. Nonetheless it certainly did not stop hundreds taking part. TBH’s Tom Charlton won the event in 1.21 (and winner of the 2018 Newburn River Run). Jane Hodgson (also winner of the ladies title at this years Newburn River Run) of Morpeth AC took the ladies title in 1.29.

Not to be outdone, In the women’s race, Elswick’s Jude Nutt had a superb race and finished 3rd overall and was 1st V40. Congratulations to Jude. Elswick’s Joanne Brown was 3rd V45. Many a fine result with some notable age group podium positions.

For the gents it was Scott Brady who was first across the finish line in a fine 1.32 and Jason Old both running into the top 30 finishers. Well done to Mark McNally who finished the run after taking a bad fall during the race. For all results please click on > Results 2018 

Very well done to all that ran on Sunday…….An undeniably beautifully tough course, but well worth the effort, I’m sure you will agree. Thanks must go to Alnwick Harriers for staging such a good day for all. Cheers, GB.

Club Pos. Bib no. Finish time Participant Category Speed Pace
1 286 01:32:55 Scott Brady MSEN 9.04 mph 6:38 min/mile
2 309 01:33:01 Jason Old MV45 9.03 mph 6:38 min/mile
3 313 01:33:51 Steven Robertson MV40 8.95 mph 6:42 min/mile
4 308 01:37:14 Judith Nutt FV40 8.64 mph 6:56 min/mile
5 298 01:39:42 Richard Houghton MSEN 8.42 mph 7:07 min/mile
6 303 01:47:45 Simon McGeary MV45 7.79 mph 7:41 min/mile
7 292 01:48:57 Lee Coulson MV40 7.71 mph 7:46 min/mile
8 305 01:50:25 Mark McNally MV70 7.61 mph 7:53 min/mile
9 280 01:50:37 David Armstrong MV40 7.59 mph 7:54 min/mile
10 288 01:52:27 Joanne Brown FV45 7.47 mph 8:01 min/mile
11 306 01:53:11 Andy Middleton MV40 7.42 mph 8:05 min/mile
12 314 01:55:44 Jennifer Scarlett FSEN 7.26 mph 8:16 min/mile
13 307 01:58:09 Daniel Nettle MV45 7.11 mph 8:26 min/mile
14 283 02:03:30 Charlotte Baston FSEN 6.80 mph 8:49 min/mile
15 293 02:04:56 Martin Cowell MV45 6.72 mph 8:55 min/mile
16 315 02:05:34 Brian Stonehouse MV65 6.69 mph 8:58 min/mile
17 284 02:12:13 Phil Baston MV50 6.35 mph 9:26 min/mile
18 302 02:12:25 Simon Lynch MV40 6.34 mph 9:27 min/mile
19 287 02:12:27 Amy Brown FSEN 6.34 mph 9:27 min/mile
20 282 02:13:55 Jennifer Barnes FSEN 6.27 mph 9:33 min/mile
21 285 02:15:55 Melissa Bateson FV50 6.18 mph 9:42 min/mile
22 311 02:24:46 Mel Reed MV60 5.80 mph 10:20 min/mile
23 294 02:25:34 Jeffrey Emmerson MV65 5.77 mph 10:23 min/mile
24 301 02:27:54 Ross Kyle MSEN 5.68 mph 10:33 min/mile
25 299 02:29:28 Christiane James FV60 5.62 mph 10:40 min/mile
26 281 02:34:04 Jackie Avery FV55 5.45 mph 11:00 min/mile
27 297 02:34:08 Elaine Henderson FV45 5.45 mph 11:00 min/mile
28 312 02:34:13 Eve Robertson FV35 5.45 mph 11:00 min/mile
29 304 02:34:32 Tina Mciver FV60 5.44 mph 11:02 min/mile
30 290 02:49:28 Laura Clegg FV35 4.96 mph 12:06 min/mile
31 296 02:49:29 Lucienne Gage FV50 4.96 mph 12:06 min/mile
32 300 03:08:29 Amanda Kennon FV35 4.46 mph 13:27 min/mile
33 310 03:27:17 Tracey Redhead FV50 4.05 mph 14:48 min/mile


Club Championship Standings Update

Hello team Elswick. Please find enclosed the standings after race 4 > results which was the Sunderland 5km race. Only two races are left in this years calendar: Late August and the Watergate 5km (the course is behind Emmanuel School, Lobley Hill – An undulating course of trail paths – which makes for a popular event for local club runners). The last race is the very popular 10km Heaton Memorial, held at Exhibition Park on Sunday 11th November. Get those entries in Team Elswick!

Junior Track and Field – fourth and final meeting of 2018

Well done to our junior athletes, who competed in the final meeting of the North East Youth Development League on Sunday at Churchill Playing Fields, Whitley Bay. This season our Elswick junior team has partnered with South Shields Harriers in the Second Division.

The conditions were extremely hot with a strong breeze, but our gutsy crew of juniors were not perturbed.

Charles Mason came first in his 75 metre hurdles race and competed in the 200m, whilst William Butterworth, just back from his holidays ran the contrasting distances of the 100m and 1500m. Grace Ogilvie ran well in the 800m gaining a PB.

Demonstrating that it’s worth trying your hand at new events, Poppy Old gained a PB in the long jump, having honed her skills in this event purely by participating in this youth league. The atmosphere is relaxed and enables the youngsters to try both track and field events that they are not particularly familiar with. By completing an event, each competitor achieves points for its team and may also discover a natural ability in a discipline that they’d never thought of attempting before.  Caitlin Flanagan and Lauren Stroud also took part in the long jump.  Well done to this trio of long jumpers.

Caitlin Flanagan and William ran incredibly well in the 1500, remaining strong and united in the final 200 metres of the race, with Caitlin taking second place in the girls’ A string category.

Caitlin and William sticking together in the 1500m


Caitlin went on to take part in the 4 x100m relay along with Poppy Old, Grace Leiper and Bella Russell  (pictured below) producing a flawless performance taking third place very comfortably. Lauren Stroud and Poppy Old also took part in the under 13s 800m, with Poppy taking second place in the A string category.

Our under 13 girls 4x100m relay team


As Elswick and South Shields were the official hosts of the event on Sunday, the juniors also got to have a go and making announcements on the tannoy system and serving beverages and home made bakes on the refreshments counter. Clearly there is no end to their talents!  We were also responsible for looking after the many officials and providing them with lunch – thanks to Graham Bell for organising the lunches and delivering them to the venue.

Kerrie Old and Elaine Stroud in the rear supporting the girls during refreshment duties – from left to right the girls are Poppy, Caitlin, Lauren and Bella.


A big thanks to Ann Lee in the picture above for working on the refreshments all day, in spite of not having a child of her own competing!

Gateshead were the clear winners of the  series in the second division and the team was presented with the cup at the end of the Whitley Bay meeting.

Hopefully this is has been the start of some exciting times for Elswick juniors in the arena of track and field, and that many more juniors will be enticed to take part next season in order to enhance the team’s chances of improving its points score. It’s a great day out with lots of events to get involved in or simply spectate.  A huge well done and congratulations to Judith Flanagan for getting the ball rolling with this – drumming up interest amongst the juniors, liaising with South Shields to organise entrants and co-ordinating the final meeting with Elswick/South Shields as the official hosts.  It’s been a steep learning curve for all involved, but well worth it to see how the Elswick competitors have gained in confidence during the series of well organised events.



Senior training sessions for Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th July

Good afternoon everyone!

The senior training this week will be…….

Tuesday: 2 x 2 mile with 2 mins recovery. Starting at the crescent by the river. (For those who aren’t sure how to get there, turn right at the end of the Warburtons road and follow the footpath to the river)

Thursday: 20 mins of strides at the plantation area. (The plantation is the grassed area just after the playground at Newburn Country Park)

See you there

A request for help on Sunday 15th July 2018

The club is politely asking for one (or two volunteers) to help compile results for the junior NEYDL competition at Whitley Bay (Churchill Playing Fields) on Sunday 15th July from 11am until around 3pm. This is a joint partnership with Elswick & South Shields hosting this competition day. A club member, parent or guardian would be very welcome, or if you know of someone who may be able to help, then please get in touch with the club and speak to Judith Flanagan on a training evening or contact Judith via the club’s Junior FB Page. Thank you in advance for your support, it will be greatly appreciated.

July Mid-Week Racing news

As we enter a new month Elswick gets off to a great start with participation and success in this week’s mid-week races.

Tuesday 3 July saw yet another splendid summer’s night and the Three Bridges race organised by Tyne Bridge Harriers.  Seven truly committed Elswickites completed the event in spite of the clash with the England v Columbia match.

Peter Sloan was first home and was first in the V60 category.  Christiane James matched Peter by winning the V60 category for the ladies.  The race was won by Sam Hancox of Morpeth Harriers in 25.18 and the first woman was Aly Dixon of Sunderland Strollers in 27.43.  See below the results for our crew of seven Elswick runners.

1 33.30
2 37:40 Tom Hanson
3 38:15 Robert Wilson
4 39:24 Aidan Cairns
5 40:25 Norman Lough
6 46:34 Christiane James
7 46:36 Ross Kyle

Christiane James – first V60 woman in the Three Bridges

For full results go to: http://www.tynebridgeharriers.com/2018/07/04/bridges-of-the-tyne-5-mile-road-race-2018-results/


Wednesday night saw another race along the banks of the Tyne, but this time a few miles west of the city in leafy Ovington.  The conditions were hot and sticky, but with the enticement of the pea and pie supper at the Adam and Eve pub at the finish, fourteen Elswick Harriers completed the course with relative ease.

The overall winner was Mark Fenwick of Tyne Bridge Harriers.  Impressively, an unattached runner called Liam Taylor claimed second place in 33.16.  First to finish for Elswick was Richard Davies in a pleasing time of 38.06 (20th).  Next up was Jude Nutt in 39 minutes dead and winning the women’s race comfortably. This completes a third consecutive Wednesday when Elswick women have claimed first prize in 10K races,  following on from Gina Howarth at Stamfordham and Gillian Allen at Kirkley Hall.   Supported by Andrea Banner and Val Wilson, Jude also led the ladies to victory for the female team prize.

Other notable performances came from Tom Hanson and Aidan Cairns, who you will note, also ran the previous night at the Three Bridges!  Val Wilson took first place in the V50 category and the ever consistent Yvonne Swinhoe was second in the V60 category.  Not surprisingly, Mark McNally (a name we never tire of hearing) was first in the V70 category – what a legend.

See below the list of the Elswick results.

20 Richard DAVIES 38:10 38:06 SEN 13 Male 20
27 Judith NUTT 39:05 39:00 V40 1 Female 1
49 Mike RUSSELL 41:28 41:24 V45 10 Male 47
55 Andrea BANNER 41:49 41:43 V45 2 Female 3
65 Mark MCNALLY 42:18 42:12 V70 1 Male 61
78 David JARDIN 43:41 43:35 V45 12 Male 73
107 Valerie WILSON 45:28 45:15 V50 1 Female 11
138 Keith ADAMS 48:12 47:44 V50 13 Male 120
154 Tom HANSON 48:59 48:30 V60 8 Male 130
175 Yvonne SWINHOE 50:15 50:03 V60 2 Female 32
179 Aidan CAIRNS 50:34 50:26 V50 14 Male 145
180 Martin COWELL 50:35 50:03 V40 31 Male 146
282 Keith BATEY 59:39 59:13 V60 9 Male 197
289 Jackie AVERY 1:00:51 1:00:21 V55 4 Female 89


Many thanks for the support offered by Noel Stoddart and the photographs he took from the end of his garden.  You can see the full collection on the EH Facebook page, but here are a few for a taster:

Tom Hanson – second race of the week and looking forward to his pie.
Jude Nutt on her way to victory in the women’s race.
Getting better and better – Val Wilson – first V50 and member of the winning women’s team
The results of the race can be found here > results
Well done everyone – a fantastic start to July 2018!

Training for Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th July

Hi all,

For anyone who is not planning on watching the World Cup this week we will be doing the following sessions……

Tuesday: Blaney Row 5km. This is a continuous session where you run a loop along Blaney Row where you’ll return to the bottom of the hill. You’ll then continue straight through to do 5 x short hills then finish with a final Blaney Row loop

Thursday: 5 x 1 min, 5 x short hills, 5 x 1 min. Held at Warburtons

There is also a track meeting at Whitley Bay this Sunday. It’s a great opportunity to have a go at track running, jumping over stuff, throwing long pointy sticks or lobbing a heavy metal ball up a field! If you require further information then please see Catherine Lee who can give you more details of the events available and their start times