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On Saturday 25 November, Robyn and Rowan Bennett travelled to Liverpool to take part in the one of the series of British Athletics Cross Challenge races.  This particular race doubles as the European Cross Country Trials event, and hence attracts the finest runners from across the country.

Faced with very muddy conditions as well as stiff competition, Rowan had a fine run, finishing 49th out of 158 over a 3K course.  Robyn, running in the under 17/20 girls race, billed as one of the leading events of the day, found herself boxed in at the start and was taken aback by the free use of elbows and aggressive jostling for position, so found it hard to assert herself in the way she would have hoped.  That said, it was a valuable experience for both Bennetts to take with them to the North Easterns, and provided a great spectating opportunity to witness Jess Judd and Gemma Steel in action in the senior women’s race – a hard fought contest, which saw Emilia Gorecka leading for most of the way and overcoming Judd who was her closest competitor.

Keep up the good work Robyn and Rowan.


Update: please find enclosed the final consolidated woodcock relay results. Thank you to those who replied with queries (and also to Vicki Thompson). This sheet will be uploaded to sports soft asap. Norman Woodcock Ver 2. Completed

Kirkley Hall 10 miler

Kirkley Hall 10 Miler – Sunday 26 November

It was bright and sunny, with a biting wind and icy roads – the scene was set for this year’s Run Nation 10 mile race at Kirkley Hall.

The men’s race was a hard fought battle between two Gateshead Harriers. Conrad Franks was the winner in 57.09 beating his teammate Kevin Connolly.

Team Elswick was out in force with eight women taking on the undulating and slippery 10 mile course.

Jude Nutt re-claimed her winning title with a brilliant time of 1.04.38, having been the runner up in 2016 and the winner in 2015. She was three minutes clear of her closest rival on the day, Claire McManus of North Shields Poly. Third place went to a very impressive unattached runner Lindsay McGowan, who beat Andrea Banner into fourth place.

17 Judith NUTT 1:04:38 V40 1 1
40 Andrea BANNER 1:10:12 V45 1 4
181 Lindsay ASPDEN 1:25:02 V35 7 44
257 Elaine HENDERSON 1:31:34 V45 11 89
346 Laura CLEGG 1:42:29 V35 28 151
366 Amanda KENNON 1:53:33 V35 32 167
389 Donna ALDERSON 2:12:47 V35 35 188
390 Tracey REDHEAD 2:13:10 V50 20 189


Congratulating Jude on her well-earned victory.