Be Safe, Be Seen This Winter!

With winter approaching you should make yourself BE SEEN. Consider the use of brightly coloured, fluorescent running jerseys & jackets, running tights, gloves & hats, preferably with additional reflective trim. Consider a head torch or hand held torch. Wearing predominately black apparel for winter club training sessions is not recommended. You may not be seen by fellow runners or on-coming traffic.

(1). Running from home or a workplace: On your own or as a small group: Tell someone you are going out for a run. Tell them where you are going & around what time you will return. Consider taking a mobile phone with you.

(2). Running in a club training session: The club encourages all runners to consider the following: Run in bright, reflective clothing, preferably with a type of torch. Do try & run as a group & not alone.

If you have to run alone: Please DO tell the run leader or coach. Inform the coach the route you will take. Make every effort to run on public footpaths with street lighting. Avoid wherever possible, un-lit areas & footpaths. Consider asking a fellow runner(s) to join you, thereby run as a pairing or as a group.

(3). If at a running location & you need to return back to the centre: You could politely ask around if anyone has driven down and ask if you can have a lift back to the leisure centre.

(4). If you run from the centre on a training evening alone: Be responsible by considering the following: Tell someone that you are going out for a run alone and what time you will be back to the centre. Take a mobile phone. Wear appropriate clothing. Plan a route that keeps you on lit public paths.

(5). The club does not advocate the wearing of headphones. You are less-aware of your surroundings, potentially more so, in night time conditions.

(6). Running in a club training session & you are involved in an incident or accident: It is the runners responsibility to directly contact the club’s Welfare Officer, Keith Batey.

In Keith’s absence please contact the club’s Secretary, Tom Hanson. Their contact details are on the front page of the club’s website.

If the club ‘does not know’ about an incident or accident, then the club cannot attempt to put things right.

The club encourages all club members to read the website’s tab heading information page: ‘Run Safely & Code of Conduct’ & ‘Welfare & Well Being’. Thank you.