Elswick this week….

The senior sessions week will be…..

Tuesday 22nd : 15 min warm up followed by 30 mins of half mile reps with 1 min recovery. Starting from 1st bench on riverside footpath after turning right at end of Warburtons road.

Wednesday 23rd : Clive Cookson 10k – one of our club championship races

Thursday 24th : 3 x 3mins, 3 x 2mins, 3 x 1 min with 1 min recovery on centre field

Saturday 26th : Tom is holding a track session on the centre field this Saturday. Meet at 10:30 for a two mile warm up and the the session will begin. Anyone who wishes to take part please see Tom on Thursday.

Senior Training

Tuesday 15th – 4x5mins at the pylon 2min recovery.

Thursday 17th – Station Bank 3x Long or 5x Short hills.

Also note to register this week with Tom for the 6 mile handicap on the 22nd, as start times will be shortly after 7pm for the first runners.

Senior Training Sessions

Tuesday 8th – will be 1.1 mile then 5 short hills with 1.1 mile to finish, this is approx. 5k starting at the club.

Thursday 10th – is on the field  3×3 mins, 3×2 mins finished with 3×1 min all with 1 min recovery.

This Weeks Training

Tuesday 18th – 5 min strides followed by 2x2k, then an additional 2k as an optional extra. We will start at the crescent again.

Thursday 20th –  I am looking to get the track for the end of the session, 4x2mins, 4 short hills and then 4×400.

Senior Training Sessions

Tuesday 4th July, 4×5 min with 2 min recovery, this should start at the 3rd cut, not the Pylon or the next one, gives all runners the chance to get round the loop.

Thursday 6th July,  10x short hills 1.15 sec, this is the usual back road next to the allotments.

Senior Training Sessions

Tuesday 27th is the 5k and on…….

Thursday 29th we are doing 4x1k with 1.30 recovery. The start is (Blue bin just passed the crescent) to the finish (Blue bin after the Pylon), only the recovery is timed.

Senior Training Sessions

Next weeks seniors sessions will be as follows
Tuesday 20th: 3x6mins (2 min rec). Meet at One North East pylon
Thursday 22nd: 3x3mins (1 min rec), 5 x short hills, 3 x 800m (1 lap rec). On the track at Sports Centre

Senior Training Sessions

So it is the 5K handicap on Tuesday 30th May, runners to meet at the centre and then to run to start, the start is at the crescent next to the Tyne, so it is right at the old Ross’s pickle factory. We started there for the warm up for the 2x1k, helpers welcome on the night for marshalling. The handicap basis will be 10 slots at 1 min apart, so the slow runners go off first and Mark will be last.

Thursday 1st June, we are back on the short hill 10x 1min 15 sec beside the club.